You thought it was over? It’s not! Welcome to Trampery Old Street

After Runway East, the COWORKIES London Tour was supposed to be done. I am saying “supposed to” because technically we did not have any other meetings. To “celebrate” the end of those 2 intense days, we went to a lovely cafe called Look Mum no hands!


Lets say we loved it so much so we made almost our final video there:

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After our small break, we decided to walk around the area to sightsee for a bit. When suddenly, we saw this:


I admit, if you don’t know what Trampery is, you just find the outside building interesting. But for us, the story was a bit different. We were in touch with the Trampery via email, when preparing our tour. But our initial planning was full of meetings, so we could not meet them this time. At least that’s what we thought.

We ended in front of the entrance door and we were not sure whether or not we should ring the bell, as it was 6pm on a Friday night. Unconsciously my finger went alone on the ring bell and pressed the button. Someone answered but we could not hear anything she was saying. But that was it, we knew someone was inside. I pressed the button a second time and a guy picked up. He said “I can’t hear you, please come upstairs”. TADA! The beauty of life!

We came in the BEAUTIFUL entrance and went up the stairs.


People were sitting in the communal area, having drinks, chatting and celebrating the beginning of the weekend. We felt instantly well.


The guy (we did not know who he was yet) warmly welcomed us inside. But it was time to introduce ourselves. And here again, beauty of life! We met Jamie, who is the Communications and Member Manager for the Trampery. We told him who we were and he remembered our chat online. We did not want to steal his time, as we came in without any appointment but Jamie warmly invited us to stay a bit to chat, even though he was supposed to meet his friends for a diner. We felt very lucky!

He told us more about the 4 Trampery spaces around the cities, how it started and where it is going now. The Trampery recently announced a new live & work concept dedicated to entrepreneurs. You can read more about it here, the project sounds amazingly cool!

We spoke in details about COWORKIES, about our tour in London and Jamie genuinely offered to support us and spread the word among his community. I felt extremely happy that my finger unconsciously pressed that door bell (thanks again finger)!

We then walked around the beautiful space, which is home of Publicis Drugstore. The interior design is really Mad-Men like. From the entrance to the meeting rooms and the event space, you feel like you actually ARE in the series.


We saw the coworking area, which has around 50 seats and ended up in the superb event space! It looks like a ballroom. It’s fully equipped with the latest technologies and the space is very very flexible.



We liked that space so much that we decided to take our very last selfie right in front of this creative wall.

The Trampery and Coworkies selfieWe also could not resist of filming a small video before leaving.

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Jamie, we don’t know how to thank you enough for your time with us, considering nothing was planned. Every time we recall about our meeting with you, we have a big smile on our faces!

Thank you also for your support and we will see you soon in London and on COWORKIES 🙂

That’s really it this time for our very first London Tour!

Lots of <3 from us to you all!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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