Helsinki, here we are! After 16 hours well spent in a boat between Stockholm and the Capital city of Finland, we finally reached our final stop of the COWORKIES Summer Tour.


THE MOTHERSHIP OF WORK or M.O.W is the name of the very first coworking space we visited. Opened in March 2016, it is one of the latest addition to Helsinki’s coworking scene. We were delighted to meet Nina, Captain of M.O.W (how cool is that title!) for 1 hour of a tour and talk, around and about the space. M.O.W is far from being just an office space. It is the place where small business and solo entrepreneurs can find everything they need to grow and network.


The building, which is quite centrally located in Helsinki, was formerly belonging to a Finnish TelCo company. Believe me, it’s BIG! 2,300 sqm where you will find a coffee / restaurant on the ground floor, several floors of work environments, combining closed offices, communal areas, and open working environments. If this is not enough to satisfy your coworking needs, be reassured it does not stop here. M.O.W also has a sauna (yes a  S A U N A) where members can start or end the day in a relaxing way. The interior design combines Finnish furniture together with urban art on the walls.


Community speaking, when you enter M.O.W there is this good mood and positive energy breathing out of the place. Yoga classes, community after work, networking events, Nina and her team have set up a wide range of community activities to make sure their members can connect and collaborate with people they need to grow their business.


Nina spoiled us! We went out of M.O.W with a delicious coffee and beers they are brewing in the basement of the coworking space.

We ended up doing a selfie with Nina and a special member 🙂

MOW and Coworkies selfieNina, if you read that blog post, thank you very much for your time! We loved what we saw and can’t wait to be back to see it again :))))

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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