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It’s been few months now since I started to write on the blog. Everyday, I am trying to share with you the coworking stories we learned about while traveling. More than simple discoveries, meeting coworking spaces is for me a new way to see the world and how it is changing. COWORKIES brings me a daily dose of things that matters to me and my work life balance. Working on it makes me grow and learn but it also pushes me to do better everyday. And that’s a great feeling that I wish everyone to feel one day.

You might wonder why I started with this intro? Truth is, I got to think about all of that while being at the space I am going to talk about now.  

Here we start!

(day #1, meeting#2)

Let’s hit the road, direction the cool area of Camden. We found an amazingly well located coworking space, where everything has been made so to make your (as the name says) balance looks awesome!

The story of today is about connection, ingenuity, well-being and community.

Let’s start with the first one CONNECTION.

I chose the word connection as it describes best how we got to meet Grace, the General Manager of We started that journey in Berlin, where we attended an office hour session at betahaus (a coworking space), with Keith. When we spoke with him about COWORKIES, he genuinely proposed to connect us to a space he knows well: Work.Life

And as easy as this, the connection with Grace was made 🙂 She invited us for a coffee and proposed to let us discover her space.


Now,about INGENUITY.

When we started to tour around the space, I quickly realized how Work.Life is for me full of ingenuity. First, it’s one of the few coworking spaces I saw, since we started our tour, that has its own pay-as-you-go system for its coworkers. This is a perfect offer for people who are in town for few hours and look for a well located work environment to get things done.

I also liked the ingenuity behind the interior design. I love how the space has been optimized so that everyone can find his/her spot. From the buzzing hot desk area, to the “silence” room, Work.Life DOES have a space for everyone. There are meeting rooms of various sizes around the space, all with different design touches.

The fix desk area is separated from the rest of the space and only members with a card can access it.


We saw 2 Cherries on the cake there:

1 – Work.Life recreated an interior garden inside the coworking area with natural daylight coming through the roof.

2 – Doc Martens, the famous shoes brand has installed a showroom INSIDE the space, where you can see all the models they have. How awesome!



Throughout our chat with Grace, we understood how important it is for her to make sure that everyones well-being is taken into account. The interior design, as I mentioned before, is really playing a big role in it but Grace also told us that members get access to perks that can balance their work and personal life. Have a look at their member benefits page on their website and you will see what I mean. Everything has been thought into details to make sure that the community finds the work-life balance its looking for.

Speaking of which, let’s move on to the last one, our favorite topic: the COMMUNITY.

We took good notes of what she told us to better understand the challenge behind community building to later come up with the right ways to build it online.

What we saw at Work.Life is that the space is buzzing. Many people working on very different projects: from creative to techie. From gaming to fashion. Work.Life community is composed of Freelancers, Startups and Companies that support and help each other when needed. We were very happy to hear Grace’s insights on community building. It is not easy to build a one but Grace and her team really did it excellent.


Before leaving, we decided to take our Selfie in the room where it all started.


@Grace, thank you very much for the inspirational chat. We enjoyed our time with you very much and we can’t wait to be on COWORKIES together with you!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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