Workinton: “Where people work, better”

For our last meeting of day one in Istanbul and after visiting the two youngest
coworking spaces in town, we ended the day with one of the first space opened
in Istanbul: workinton. We met Pilar, the CEO and her team to spend an hour
with them and talk about the story behind their space.

Workinton coworking istanbul

How it started

Workinton started out of the need for the people of Istanbul to find alternative places
to work. The starting team decided to use an existing brand which was not known
yet in Turkey or in Europe. They bought the license to use Urban Station, a
coworking chain from South America with coworking spaces in Buenos Aires,
Mexico City and more.

Over the years, Pilar and her team developed the brand into a very well-known and recognizable element of the coworking landscape. Following the opening of several coworking spaces of the same name around the city, they decided to rebrand to a name of
their own: workinton – which sounds as work in town (such a cool name, right?).

Workinton coworking istanbul

Since the day they rebranded, workinton has expanded all over Istanbul. Today, you can find them in many areas around allowing people moving around the city to work anywhere without havingto always go back to their office, which in Istanbul is extremely precious (commuting in Istanbul can quickly become a nightmare).

A flexible environment

Now that you know a bit more about their background, let’s chat about our tour there
(that you can watch right here if you did not attend our Facebook live). The Workinton we visited, in the Business area of Istanbul, is quite big. We entered a business tower and went down the stairs to find an open environment, full of young people working all around. One word that came to our mind watching around us is lively, working out there you will see people riding hover board, working, or networking outside in the little garden while smoking a cigarette. We continued the tour and discover how flexible the place is. There are several meeting rooms that can be quickly changed into smaller or bigger rooms depending on their client needs. Every room is professionally and fully-equipped with the latest technologies. Workinton being in the Business area, they welcome in their coworking space a lot of corporate clients who want to go out of their own office and experience a bright and creative environment.

Workinton coworking istanbul

Workinton is the perfect place for Corporates to meet and be connected to the local
network of Creatives and Entrepreneurs. By doing their events or meeting there,
they get access to more than just a physical space, they become part of the
community for a few hours. They experience the future of work and can be
inspired by it.

Workinton coworking istanbul

Chatting with the team of Workinton, we also learned more about their community. Their
coworking space being so big, they can welcome people from freelancers,
entrepreneurs to big teams who are on the look for a room for their team where
they can easily expand without having to move out.

All the aspect of flexibility of Workinton was something we enjoyed seeing and experiencing. The place, the community, their offer, everything is made to make the life of
their coworkers easier and let them take care of their work, taking all other
burden away.

We ended up our conversation with a selfie as bright as our time there! We took it
in the core of the coworking: the communal area where the community network and

Workinton and Coworkies selfie

Thank you Candan and Melih for your time, it was great to meet you guys!

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