Why Work.Life London Fields makes you happy about Mondays?

Monday morning means time to go to work. It is not always an easy thing especially after an enjoyable and relaxing weekend with your loved ones. COWORKIES found something special that will make you love Mondays: Work.Life London Fields. (Yes it would imply for you to move to London, but read further and you might consider it :))

Work.Life London Fields Coworking

The story started in June 2016, when we visited for the first time Work.Life in Camden and discovered a great place to work, with a great community and one of the most flexible coworking offer we had seen at the time. We learned a few months later about the new opening in London Fields and decided to go up there to check it out.

Work.Life London Fields Coworking

Local. Local. Local.

Located in the area of Hackney, everything is at a walking distance of it: London Fields park, the Lido, Broadway Market and the Overground. Once you reached their entrance, you have a glimpse of what’s here, waiting for you: a beautiful, bright and lively coworking space.

Work.Life Coworking London Fields

The interior design mixes bricks, metal, white walls, wood and a lot of plants which gives the overall place a warm feeling. The two floors of coworking bundle everything you need to do your work: several coworking areas with more or less light, more or less noise, and more or fewer people. Walking down the stairs you will find a series of closed offices, as well as meeting rooms fully equipped, mood booths, phone booths, and breakout spaces. The interior design has been conceived to let each and every member use the space his way.

With this new addition to the family, Work.Life enhances their strength: reinforcing local districts. Today, instead of traveling to your workplaces, which, very often, is far away from your house, your workplaces come to you. Coworking spaces such as work.life are changing the local neighborhoods and transforming them into more lively environments every day (and night) of the week. Coworking is part of a trend building happier cities and placing the well-being of every citizen at the core.

Work.Life Coworking London Fields

Flexibility and Community

Speaking of well-being, Work.Life understood that a flexible pricing contributes to its increase, which is why they offer to their member’s adaptable solutions from pay-as-you-go to get-your-own-office. Such a flexible offering attracts a diverse crowd of professionals. The community of Work.Life London Fields is a mix of freelancers, startups, and small companies working in very different fields. We had the chance to discuss with members while being there and we understood there was a lot of collaboration going on between people, which shows how strong the community is. Work life organizes many community events making sure everyone finds his way to network: it can be via running groups, yoga classes, food tasting or even beer and pizzas. We got invited to join them for a few drinks at the bar next door and we were happy to see them mingling together after work.

We left Work.Life London Fields with big smiles on our faces. We were charmed by the vibe, the people, and the neighborhood. We walked around the coworking space and discovered a new London with nice restaurants and bars all around. The only thing we missed is a selfie, which is an excellent reason to go back 🙂

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