Why did Epicenter mind-blow us?

While in Stockholm, we met Epicenter, a coworking space that is, for me, shaping the future beyond coworking. While discovering the space, I felt like we were a bit like in Minority Report.

Epicenter, it’s 8000 sqm of coworking right in the center of Stockholm. Their vision? “be a magnet for fast growing digital companies and cutting-edge creative corporate initiatives.” We met Liselotte, COO of Epicenter who took some of her precious time to show us around and give us the full picture of what Epicenter is all about. With such a big space, you can imagine that Epicenter has everything you need to upgrade your work space experience: a beautiful and well design event space, where all the community and external events take place, a cafe serving delicious food and drinks, several floors of coworking, combining open offices and different sizes of closed offices.
The decor is very techy, pink lighting in the bathroom, blue lighting in the hallway, and beautiful selection of design furniture brands.


The Community of Epicenter is composed of top startups: Tictail, Glue, FundedByMe, Spotify and many more has chosen Epicenter as their house. Every member is offered several choices when it comes to membership: from a lounge membership to open coworking to your own office.


What mind-blowed us there was one thing: some of the members have a RFID chip underneath their skin to be able to open doors, pay beers or coffee or unlock certain rooms. It may sound scary but I also find it quite fascinating. Epicenter members, who want to be leading digital innovation are with those chips, pushing it far and beyond what we have seen so far in shared work spaces. Obviously, the chip is not mandatory. It just adds to the overall experience of coworking by bringing technology inside you. Epicenter is always on the look for impactful innovation that will build the digital world of tomorrow. They even have a Chief Disruption Officer in-house – Hannes Sjoblad a tech activist who advises them on exponential tech trends.


By joining members have access to:

  • Innovation labs,
  • Corporate innovation exchange,
  • Tailor-made activity programs,
  • Opportunity scouting,
  • Match-making,
  • Corporate venture development
  • and a destination to facilitate entrepreneurial projects.

Epicenter is very active when it comes to events. Have a look at their Facebook page to see the diversity of events they are organizing: from meetup to Founders Stories, from lunch to afterwork parties, their aim is to connect and bring together the digital innovators.

We were positively surprised to learn that SUP46 send its members  to Epicenter after their 18 months of coworking are “consumed”. This shows how coworking spaces can collaborate to build better work environment for their community.

Epicenter growth does not stop here. Few days after our visit, the opening of the second Epicenter (few streets away from this one) took place. The new space is 11,000 sqm big. I can’t wait to see it and see how new digital technologies will be integrated into the building and the community.

Cherry on the cake: this selfie with Liselotte. I love the good vibe of this picture 🙂

Epicenter and Coworkies selfie

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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