Who are the Makers Of Barcelona (aka MOB)?

Oh Coworking world, you are such a beauty! And the space we are going to talk about today is combining everything I love so much about you dear coworking world!

Our meeting #3 took place in MOB (Makers of Barcelona) where we met Edyta, who is in charge of the partnerships there. And our meeting was similar to the weather: sunny and warm.


MOB for me is such a great representation of what coworking stands for. It’s an inspiring place, bringing together entrepreneurial and tenacious minds to make things happen and move forward on a local and global scale.


MOB exists since 2011 “ with a vision to provide a home in Barcelona for the creative geeks, innovative hipster and the business savvies”. And the tour we did with Edyta amazed us. We really got vibrant and buzzing feelings out of the space.


We introduced the concept of COWORKIES to Edyta and we told her how much we want to make the coworking world a better place and push for more collaboration between this like-minded community of doers and makers. And I know this is why we loved MOB so much. Our values for COWORKIES resonate very much with the space. Dimitar and I really loved what MOB is doing for their community and the variety of events they organize from workshops to classes on many different topics to round tables and much more.


MOB has opened an other venue last November, MOB&PAU. It’s located at Ronda Sant Pau 47, in the central and dynamic area of Sant Antoni. Unfortunately, our schedule was too tight to visit it, but it gives us a good reason to come back!


If you are in Barcelona, don’t miss out on MOB! We highly recommend you to pay them a visit 🙂 and they have awesome coffee and cappuccinos!

Oh, and before ending this blog post, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to officially announce you all that following our meeting there, MOB agreed to be one of our beloved partners to connect their members to the global network of coworkers. My heart is filled with happiness, thank you very much to you Edyta for making the partnership happen. We can’t wait to collaborate and make more things together!

Second Oh! Our selfie reflects everything I wrote about the MOB community. All the MOBBERS who saw the selfie stick joined it, how cool is that :)))))

MOB Barcelona and Coworkies selfie

PS: Yes, we are still sunburned

PS2: COWORKIES sends a lot of <3 to the MOB Family!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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