Timberyard, a story of award-winning coffee and more.

Timberyard is a coworking and coffee well-known all around London. It is one of the number 1 choices for nomad workers to get work done. Before seeing it from our own eyes, we have heard about it a lot: from users, from other coworking spaces and on few blog articles as well. When the opportunity to meet Ruth and Darren, the co-founders of the place, presented itself, we jumped on it.

Timberyard coworking coffee shop London

It all happened thanks to Joost, a COWORKIES user, who also hunted us last year on Product Hunt. He is based at Timberyard and genuinely proposed to introduce us to the Founders. We sat down the five of us to talk about Timberyard story from the beginning to what’s next.

How it started

The journey started back in 2012, when Ruth, who at the time was working for an Insurance company in the city, recognized London had very few good coffee shops with meeting rooms. She began a grand tour of London’s coffee shop to have a better understanding of the market and the differentiation they could bring.  At the time, she advertised to find somebody to start the project with and this is how Darren came into play.

The first Timberyard in Old Street has been designed as homey as possible to make people feel instantly comfortable. If you walk around Timberyard, you will see very cozy armchairs and sofas as well as several lengths of tables. Everything is made to let customers find their spot to get work done. There are also several plants on the wall to give it a warm atmosphere. Have a look around right here.

Timberyard coworking coffee shop London

One of the best things of Timberyard is the quality of the food and drinks they served. It is part of the DNA of the place and stated in their motto: “Tea, coffee, work, and play. Re-imagined.”

Ruth, Darren, and their team put a lot of effort in making sure they serve the highest quality of everything they sell. Just to prove the point, the Head Barista at TY Soho, Yuko Inoue, won in 2016 the world title of Coffee Masters at New York Coffee Festival. Timberyard does not produce food internally but works with amazing bakeries around to serve fresh and delicious pastries and sandwiches every day.  Looking at the barista behind the counter is similar to looking at a beautiful painting: it’s art. Their gestures, their precision are full of passion and dedication.

Timberyard coworking coffee shop London

The Nomad workers around London are well aware of the level of coolness of Timberyard. The coffee is buzzing at all time of the day, from the moment they open until the time they close. We had a great time enjoying our cafe and observing what was happening around us.

We then visited the coworking space located downstairs. Ruth and Darren launched a new concept for it in May 2016 and welcomed in their building early stage businesses in the creative sector. In total four companies have been selected: Freeformers, PlayMob, Elbi, and Wisher, each of whom is currently making the world of tech education and development better.  There are about 20 to 25 people working and collaborating there. Ruth and Darren brought together a chosen community of like-minded people who support each other when needed.

Growing and expanding.

Soon after the opening of the first Timberyard in Soho, the second one located in Seven Dials opened its doors. It has the exact same positioning at the first one and the same popularity. Both places attract a large community of Nomad workers and Creatives.

Timberyard coworking coffee shop London

One of the greatest news, Ruth and Darren shared with us while we were there is that a third Timberyard will soon open its doors inside the new  Facebook headquarters in London. Called TY Facebook it will be open to all 2,000 Facebook employees and their authorized guests in late 2017.

We were very impressed to see how Timberyard is making access to a workplace so easy and natural. They succeeded in providing people on the go a place where they can stay as much as they need without feeling pressured to leave but rather encouraged to stay and work: there is fast Wi-Fi with plentiful power sockets and lots of natural light. Working out of Timberyard is free, people pay by consuming the award-winning coffee and tea as well as the fresh and delicious food available every day.

We are glad our path met the one of Ruth, Darren, and Joost. They all inspired us during out chat, openly sharing their stories. Pay them a visit if you pass by there and enjoy their delicious products, you won’t regret it!


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