The Shed coworking, incubator of good moments

Incubator of good moments. What a nice expression isn’t’ it? Those are the words used by Gonzalo, one of the founders of The Shed coworking, to describe the cool space they built.

The Shed Coworking








Starting with one floor

The Shed opened its door back in 2014 with the vision to create a place where people can “reinvent themselves” and do what they love without any fear to fail. Gonzalo and his co-founders looked for the perfect location until they found a huge flat in the area of Salamanque. The purpose of The Shed being to bring people together, the team thought a lot about how to transform a regular office into an open and collaborative environment that could facilitate connections between individuals. And they succeeded in doing it!

The work environment has enough open areas for people to get together, as well as quieter ones for them to be focused. The interior design is pretty minimalistic with a lot of colorful details on the walls. Each room also offers large desks to coworkers as well as light wooden room dividers for more privacy.

The Shed Coworking

The Shed quickly grew with a need for more space. Luckily for them, the building in which they are in, was flexible enough to offer them more rooms.

Expanding to more coworking!

The team seized the opportunity offered to them and replicated what they built previously in the floor upstairs, adding to it team rooms. Today, The Shed is spread over 2 floors and welcome members of any branch: from freelancers, startups to small and medium companies. The overall goal is to create uniqueness by building a community where all those professionals can grow and learn from each other and sometimes even collaborate together!

The Shed Coworking, Community

Many community events are organized to let people get to know each other better. Early birds will enjoy delicious community breakfast while late nighter will prefer beer tasting. The Shed also offers talks and trainings to the community on various topics such as english classes and painting classes! Yes, The Shed also hosts artists and painters who can enjoy coworking while having their dedicated area to paint and create.

Up and down to the garden

When we visited The Shed, a freshly new area was opening: the garden! Following the same type of design than the upper floors, The Shed team has taken over the internal garden to let the community enjoy a bit a freshness during the warm Madrid summers. Next to the garden, there is also a brand new event space that can be transformed very quickly into a board meeting room, an exhibition gallery or a classroom depending on the client needs.

The Shed Coworking, Garden


Gonzalo, Carlos and Martina have put together a very nice environment for anyone in the need of inspiration, collaboration and even creation. We were glad to experience it and we were even happier to get (almost) all the founders on our ending (and blurry 🙈 ) selfie!


A selfie with The Shed Coworking

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