The coworkers survey 2016 results are out

Time to get back to the very beginning of our startup journey.

One major step we took to validate the idea behind COWORKIES and make sure we were solving a real problem was to build the coworkers survey. We focused on the people inside the space with the aim of understanding why coworkers are choosing coworking spaces, what are they looking for there, how do they make connections inside those spaces to, in the end, see if something can be change / improve. 

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies

The survey was taken by coworkers in 35 spaces in 20 countries. We want to take the opportunity to thank the Community Managers who helped us spread the word and also thank every coworking member who took the survey from the following spaces : Rainmaking Loft (Berlin, London, Copenhagen), Factory, Ahoy, Impact Hub (Berlin, Bucharest) Roof Up, Betahaus (Berlin, Sofia), SUP46, Talent Garden (Milan Calabianca and Merano, Turin), Parisoma, Puzzl, Google Campus LondonWeWork (London, New York), Uppsala Innovation Center, EDHEC Incubator, D. Collective, Baltic Creative, Mob&Pau, Basislager, Poligon, 121 studios, Ecto, KeyWorking, Satelite, Coworking in the Sun, Hub Fuerteventura, NUMA.

Here is the outcome of Coworkers survey 2016:

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies

56% of coworkers are in a coworking space for less than a year. Since the coworking trend is sky-rocketing, more and more people join shared work spaces. In addition we can assume that those “new coworkers” are quite a lot as number of coworking spaces is constantly increasing. As a result it seems like that we can see a viral effect in the coming years.

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies

57% of coworkers are in a coworking space for the very first time. This result can bee seen with two sides. For one, this result shows that large portion of coworkers are new to coworking. On the other side we can see that 43% of respondents have moved from one coworking space to another. Due to that fact we can conclude that many people prefer coworking and stick to it.

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies

61% of the people who join a coworking space do it to grow their network. This is to no surprise! Many digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers need social work environments. Therefore useful connections will keep people in coworking spaces.

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies

60% of coworkers choose their coworking space based on its location. As a result this is a great indicator that location is king. Or simply put, people don’t like to commute to work! This might be a great indicator for the rise of neighborhood coworking spaces.

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies
One of the most important activities in coworking spaces are the events. It is to no surprise that 67% of the participant in the coworkers survey indicated that the very first time they connect with other coworkers is during the events organized by the space.

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies
While the rise of coworking spaces on the real estate side has been tremendously fast, the tools for managing them and their communities has been lacking behind. Coworking community mangers use plethora of tools that are not coworking specific. A lot of them are on Facebook groups, Slack and Yammer. Hence coworkers gave 3.33 out of 5 on the communication tools used by their coworking space.

Coworkers Survey By Coworkies
Ase the above results show, coworking members want to be connected to other people. Despite the fact that they give 3.33 out of 5 on the tools used, 85% of them are actually using those tools to connect to other members.

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Coworkers Survey By Coworkies
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