The architectural and coworking beauty inside Valkiria

Back to our Barcelona tour, with the last space we saw during day 1! This meeting is a great story that I would sum up in one expression: Chance would have it!


Let me explain a bit.

When we were doing research on which coworking space we should approach in Barcelona, the name Valkiria came out many times. We looked at the website and it got us quite curious and eager to meet them. I started to look for who to contact when, believe or not, at the same time, I received an email from Pilar, one of the co-founders of the space. #truestory

Pilar wrote me she was coming to Berlin and she wanted to see the Rainmaking Loft, the coworking space I manage. I invited her to our weekly community breakfast and just like that we met! The beauty of randomness. During the breakfast, I spoke to her about COWORKIES and I mentioned we were coming to Barcelona few weeks after.

She introduced me to Jordi, the Sales Director to schedule a meeting.

So once in Barcelona, we crossed the city, from CREC to Valkiria and arrived in front of a HUGE building, a former factory as we understood later. Right from the outside, the space is cool and looks very industrial. We entered a cosy cafe called “Le Bistrot” where we met Jordi.

We started with a tour of the space and if there is one word I would use to describe it it’s definitely spacious.

The architect who built it came up with a cool concept where he kept the charm of the factory intact. The all interior design is made out of raw materials such as bricks or wood and the furniture, which is a bit more chic, give a lot of warmth to each room.


As you enter the main room, which was a former hangar, you can see a huge wooden cube up in the middle. The cube was under renovation while we were there but Jordi told us it’s going to be transformed as a meeting room. Quite a cool place to have meetings no? 🙂


Up, next to the cube is the coworking area which is divided between an open space and a series of closed offices. And there again, everything is very spacious.


What I loved also is the correlation between Valkiria and the space. Valkiria, in the Mythology were powerful women. Each room in the coworking area is named after powerful women entrepreneur who changed the world their own way. And as a woman (and woman entrepreneur) I am, loved it!

We continued the tour downstairs, where the Event spaces are located. The great thing about Valkiria is that it offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to events. They are able to welcome small to big size events and provide you with the right space for it.


We sat down with Jordi to chat about COWORKIES and Valkiria. While talking, we learned that Valkiria aims at connecting businesses and individuals to push for more collaboration and sharing of experience. They do so in their physical space by organizing events on a vast array of topics. We connected it very much to what we do with COWORKIES.

Our talk was almost as long as that article, but we did not forget about our closing procedure 🙂

We had our little red carpet moment while taking our Selfie!

Valikiria and Coworkies selfieBefore ending, we want to say again a big thank you to Jordi and Pilar for making our meeting happens! It was a pleasure to meet you 🙂

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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