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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Barcelona tour is soon coming to an end. Today, I want to talk to you about the second to last space we saw and for which my heart literally melted.

The space of today is called apocapoc, which means little by little in catalan. The beauty of this meeting is, that it came out of COWORKIES connections!

Indeed, few months back, we discovered Sara on Instagram, falling in love for her illustrations. After connecting online, we met her during our first COWORKIES London tour in March and did an interview with her to share her great Illustratour project (available here).

I will not re-explain the whole story I promise, but what you need to know is that she is the one who told us about apocapoc. She worked from there while she was staying in Barcelona for a month and she loved it.

We decided to reach out to apocapoc as we were very curious to see it by ourselves. We sent a message to the team, mentioning Sara and we were delighted to receive a positive answer few hours later. The meeting was schedule, and I, was very much looking forward to it.

As a spoiler, you can see a glimpse of it via Sara’s drawings right here:


I always wondered why she decided to draw veggies there, and I am happy I can have (and share) the answer (read below to find out) 🙂

Now that an introduction has been made, let’s dig into the story.

We met apocapoc on a sunny and warm day, just after lunch break. We walked around the very cute neighborhood and made our way to, what looks on the outside like, a house.

Beautiful. Modern. House.


We entered, and at that exact time, I started to love it, even though nothing started yet.

We looked for Val, who is one of the 3 co-founders of the space. We found her in the community kitchen and we got quite intrigued about what was going on in there. People were having lunch, a Chef was cooking and the food looked amazingly amazing. Too bad for us, we had just eaten (if only we knew :))


We sat down with Val and listened to the story of apocapoc with ears wide opened.

It all started few years back, when the 3 French co-founders decided to open a space of their own somewhere. As Paris real estate prices at the time were very high, they decided to look for a place in Barcelona and found that lovely house of 200 sqm.

They bought it and started building what they call now a cocoon. And it really is one. We learned via our chat with Val, that apocapoc is a coworking space where you can work, play, think, try things, cook, meet amazing people, learn, share and grow in an eco-friendly environment. Everything has been ecologically well thought. And the community gathered at apocapoc is a strong like-minded one of eco-friendly people.

To give you examples, apocapoc grows their vegetables on the roof (now you understand Sara’s illustration). Chefs use them to cook for the community healthy and fresh lunches at a very affordable price every day in the Lab Cuina (aka their kitchen). And it does not stop with food. apocapoc also promotes sustainable fashion and organize workshops / events around that topic with one of their member who has a sustainable fashion brand Thembe Fashions.

We chatted for a long time with Val on those topics, which matters a lot to us. How do you create a community, how do you gather it around a cause that everyone supports and how do you foster collaboration around it. We started to shift to the story of COWORKIES and were happy to learn that Val had a similar idea while starting apocapoc. And that gave our talk a complete different dimension. We spoke about our alpha and she shared with us extremely valuable ideas and feedback.

We ended up our meeting with a tour of the space and we spent a bit of time on the lovely terrace. Val told us they are expanding it to grow even more vegetables 🙂 We couldn’t resist to take a selfie there, check it out:

Apocapoc and Coworkies selfieI don’t have enough words to describe how cool and lovely the place is. Thanks Sara for recommending us to go there and thank you to the apocapoc team for the warm welcome!

See you all guys soon on

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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