Talent Garden, episode 2!


Day #2 of our COWORKIES tour, which continues with a space we love: Talent Garden!

Remember, in February we were telling you everything about the amazing Talent Garden Milano Calabiana. We had the pleasure to meet there Rasa, CMO of Talent Garden and Davide, the co-founder of it with whom we discussed about COWORKIES and Talent Garden’s future. As it was one of our very very first meetings at the very very beginning of our COWORKIES journey, we are really TAGged fans 🙂 We love how TAG is involved in fields that we care about: coworking, education and innovation.

With 16 spaces around Europe (including Barcelona) today and much more to come in the coming years, Talent Garden owns a strong network of coworking spaces, bringing together more than 1,300 talents.

When we decided to go to Barcelona, TAG came automatically on our list. We connected with Andrea, who is leading the TAG Barcelona campus.


We came on a Tuesday afternoon and the space was buzzing. People were busy in meetings, building things and it was great for us to watch that scene. I felt like in a hive.

Andrea started to show us around the space. From the kitchen to the meeting rooms. From the meeting rooms to the coworking area. The Barcelona TAG has a community of around 35 people. The design is composed of modern furniture made out of cardboard! How awesome is that!



After the tour, we sat down in the kitchen and spoke about COWORKIES with Andrea. It was great to be able to chat with her as she brought a lot of her own experience and expertise to our thinking. We had an awesome chat about the real added-value for coworkers to be connected to other cities. COWORKIES is, in that regard, a facilitator, building bridges and roads between coworking spaces on a local and global scale.

Andrea gave us a precious dose of energy and positivism. Her good mood and smile shines throughout the whole space! Time flew really quickly and it was time for us to go to our last meeting of our Barcelona adventure.

Since then, we kept in touch on a weekly basis with Andrea and we are happy to have her support! Obviously, we did a selfie (we would never forget) and we chose to do it in front of the big TAG graffiti in the kitchen. We liked it very much and Andrea told us a friend of hers did it 🙂

Check it out:

TAG Barcelona and CoworkiesWe had a small issue with the lamp, which emphasized our red faces. Hahaha

@Andrea, tons of thank you for your time! See you on COWORKIES.com !

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