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Stockholm, here we are! After a magical train ride between Oslo and the Swedish capital, we were very curious to see what Stockholm had to offer – coworking wise. During the 2 days we spent there, we have been visiting coworking spaces that have incredible personality and style. I have to say, Stockholm, you blew our minds away 🙂


We started our little tour on a sunny Monday morning with SUP46 aka the Startup People of Sweden. SUP46 is a great initiative that started in 2013. The aim? Bring under one physical space, the startup community there. SUP46 grew since its start and we were happy to visit their almost “brand new” location (it opened a few months ago) in the heart of the city.


The new space is home to 50 startups who are carefully pre-selected. Lukas, the Partnership Manager at SUP46, explained how the team screens the application and invites for an interview the teams that are relevant and in-line with the overall vision of the space. The team screens around 20 applications per month and get only 2. Each startup that gets in received an incredible amount of help and connections. We were amazed to see the wall of partners SUP46 has. MTGx, Creandum, Northzone, Microsoft or Cisco are partnering / supporting the space and its members. There is a limit for members to stay inside the space, which is around 18 months. After that, they can either ask to stay a bit longer or find a bigger space of their own depending on how they grew.  Facility-wise, SUP46 has a cool style. Every corner has a techy touch that I found pretty cool and the communal areas all look amazingly comfy. But when it comes to interior design we all know that Swedish do it better right 🙂 There is a big event space, a nice coffee at the entrance with a game area and another zone which is reserved for members only.


The startups that sit in SUP46 are among the best of Sweden. I was very impressed by the diversity of products and ideas each startup has. There is also an alumni network in place where former members are now passing on experiences to current members. Chatting with Lukas and comprehending the space, I actually saw SUP46 as a hybrid between coworking space and incubator / accelerator. The pre-selection to join and the constant help and support the startups receive from partners and sponsors make it look like an accelerator on paper. The difference being that SUP46 does not take any equity in any of the startups.

There is a lot to be learned from Jessica, the co-founder, and her team. SUP46 is to me the dot connectors between the startup eco-system in Stockholm and beyond. Thank you Lukas and the SUP46 team for inspiring us and welcoming us so warmly!

SUP46 and Coworkies Selfie

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