Some mindful moments at Kolektif House Istanbul

The last day of our coworking exploration of Istanbul has come, bringing with it the last coworking space visit. We ended our tour with one of Istanbul’s most connected workplaces: Kolektif House. Here we had the chance to meet with Ahmet, one of Kolektif House’s three co-founders, to talk about their story and what’s coming next.

Kolektif House coworking Istanbul

Once upon a time

The beginning of Kolektif House is based on the co-founders personal stories. After studying finance and working in the corporate world for a while, Ahmet decided it was time for him to explore the world. He took his backpack and flew to India and Mexico to practice yoga and meditation. During his journey, he experienced a more spiritual way of looking at things and lived with communities who shared self-sustainable living. At some point in his travels, he decided the time had come for him to go back to Istanbul to start a meaningful project based on what he lived and saw.

Kolektif House coworking IstanbulMeanwhile, his two co-founders, based in Los Angeles, made the choice to fly back and start developing their new venture in Istanbul. Inspired by his previous experience, Ahmet suggested looking for a creative environment where all of them can meet, work and gather. A space where a wider community can get together and inspire each-other. After digging into the idea, he found the concept of coworking and flew to Berlin to explore how it was done there. He met with several key players, observed how things were done and brought back to Istanbul “ingredients” that soon became the secret recipe of Kolektif House.

A diverse coworking community

So what’s Kolektif House? It’s a mindful environment where the Creatives of Istanbul meet and work while experiencing the power of community. The KoMembers (the given nickname to any member) thrive in there. The inspiring surroundings as well as the people give them the spirit to do what they love and love what they do. By bringing together the youth of Istanbul, Ahmet and his co-founders have built a content generator, where stories are being created every day. The KoMembers are architects, interior designers, tech startups, agencies, coaches, artists or even investors (BIC Angels, one of the biggest business angel in Turkey has an office there).

Kolektif House coworking Istanbul

As for the physical space, it is here to support the bright minds, meaning the community. Kolektif House has several locations around Istanbul and we were invited to see the biggest one located in Levent. Formerly an old embroidery factory, it is today a lively coworking space. The building is very spacious, combining communal areas, open space and closed offices. Kolektif House has built an environment where people can move around and work anywhere which also creates a good vibe all around the building. There are a lot of art pieces on the walls, as well as cosy and high-end furniture fitted in the communal areas.

Kolektif House coworking Istanbul

Expanding, expanding, expanding

Since its creation, Kolektif House has blossomed in Istanbul. Started from Sanayi, they expanded quickly in Levent and Şişhane, two other areas of Istanbul. Obviously, they have bigger plans such as expanding the Levent location by building more floors and more content.

Kolektif House coworking Istanbul

Ahmet’s story and Istanbul truly inspired us. We were glad to experience Istanbul’s coworking scene and see how much it grew in a short amount of time. The youth of Istanbul has several places where they can express their creativity and start things that matter to build a brighter future for their country. The coworking scene is blooming and we can’t wait to see more of them opening around the city.

The day of our visit at Kolektif House was the day of their Christmas party. We had the pleasure to attend and meet some of their members which lead us to a selfie in the middle of the party with Ahmet and everyone.

Kolektif House and Coworkies selfie

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