Shoreditch Platform, the Hybrid Coworking Space for Creatives

At Shoreditch Platform, a freshly opened coworking space located in 1 Kingsland Road, we have seen how beautifully art and architecture can be combined. Let’s get back to that point in a second. We met Yuval, the Founder, and spent an hour with him, chatting about the space and how he made it the way it looks today.

Shoreditch Platform Coworking London

A hybrid space.

Shoreditch Platform is, by definition, a hybrid space. Push the door, climb the stairs and go to the first floor and you will quickly see its primary function: a coworking space. Take a small break and have a look around you. If you did not take the time to see the hallway, go back there and take one minute to look around you. What you see is more than a coworking space. It is art. On the wall, the stairs, the ceiling, everywhere. The place, designed by Alex Meitlis, who perfectly brought to life the environment Yuval had in mind: a workspace in the middle of an art installation. Have a look at how they made the graffiti that goes all around the two floors. It is such a meticulous work!

ANASTASIA MIARI - Shoreditch platform mural

If you go back to the first floor, where the main working area is, you will see a massive wood table, a beautiful piece of art right in the middle and people working all around it.

Shoreditch Platform Coworking London

There is also other tables facing the walls where people can also do work. The floor has a meeting room that can welcome up to six people as well as three phone booths. Yuval built a flexible space where you pay-by-the-hour. From £5 +VAT an hour to £200 +VAT for a monthly unlimited 30-day access, the offering targets the needs of the many: people on the go, people looking for a quiet environment for the day or people looking for an inspirational and well-located place to work from every day.

It does not stop here. Let’s keep on climbing the stairs to reach the second floor. I remember the first word we pronounced. It was oh wow. On the second floor, Yuval built another hybrid space: a cafe, which becomes a lunch place, a yoga/pilates room and later on a night club. The second floor has the same pattern as the rest of the building.

Shoreditch Platform Coworking London

From upstairs, you can watch the Overground trains pass by Shoreditch High Street station.

Shoreditch Platform Coworking London

Yuval told us he built Shoreditch Platform as a mix between a work and play environment. It is a social space where everyone gather to meet, drink a coffee, a cocktail or to party. Upstairs has a lot of charm. It is bright with high ceilings and a Berlin touch we really enjoyed.

Made for Creatives.

The Community gravitating in the space is mainly composed of Creatives, which did not surprise us as the all place is all about creativity and art. Members are working in the fashion or retail industry. Some of them are photographers, designers, illustrators and even developers. Shoreditch Platform illustrates so well the influence of interior design in a coworking space. Creatives look for a place like this one to feel inspired and meet like-minded people. The one who seek a space that resonates with what they want to achieve at work: be creative, be curious, be social.

We had a great time with Yuval. He openly shared his passion for art, for photography (which is also his job) and for new challenges. With Shoreditch Platform he achieved a massive one in a short amount of time 🙂 Pay Shoreditch Platform a visit if you are in London, you won’t regret it! You will most likely leave with a smile as big as ours right here.

Shoreditch Platform Coworking London

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