Selfie story #1 – Kasper, COO of Founders House

It is time for a bit of newness on the blog. It has been more than 6 months now that COWORKIES is traveling around Europe to meet coworking spaces owners/managers and experience their spaces. The more we travel, the more I realize how different each coworking space is from one another. Every individual who starts a coworking space is doing it with a personal goal in mind. It involves feelings and thoughts that are very personal to each person. Every coworking space has its own DNA and vibe that is very much related to the vision and goal of the team who started it. Coming back from the tour in Scandinavia confirmed my thought more than ever.

So yes. It’s time for a bit of newness here. From now, rather than writing about how we met the people I am writing about on the blog, I will focus on who are the people we are meeting and what make them (and their space by extension) special. The Nordics coworking tour we did very recently is a great start for that. Indeed, during 15 days we had the chance to dig into the coworking scene there, offering us various and fascinating stories of people who, on a daily basis, reinforce the meaning of coworking.


Our first #selfie story starts with Kasper, COO of Founders House in Copenhagen and the first person we met while being there.

If there is something you need to know about Founders House is that they are the coworking space focused on tech startups in Copenhagen, also part of Startup Village. The space builds its reputation upon a tough selection process in place. Today, Founders House is home to 30+ amazing companies. They also have solid partnerships with VC from the Nordics such as Northcap and Seed Capital.


Kasper is the Chief Operation Officer of Founders House and a brilliant, young, dynamic, knowledgeable entrepreneur. His professional background and the role he has at Founders House makes him one of the key actors in the startup ecosystem of Copenhagen and beyond. He brought up relevant feedback and a fresh thinking to COWORKIES. To relate to my earlier thoughts, Kasper is instilling his smart, precise, focused mind into what Founders House is.

I felt and experienced the space as a connected playground full of knowledgeable and smart people who support each other along their startup journey. It’s a space where your startup can grow, try, test, create succeed and meet relevant people on both professional and personal levels. It’s also a space where you can build things with Lego while having a phone call or a meeting (lego are quite everywhere) #madeindanemark.

Seeing Founders House set up the tone of our tour. In few words, we knew it would be passionating, stimulating and challenging. Thank you, Kasper, for your time with us, we could not wish for a better start 🙂

Fouders House Copenhagen Kasper and Coworkies– This was Founders House by COWORKIES and this is our selfie with Kasper –

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