Remix Coworking, Superconnected.

Superconnected. Out of all the words that exist, this has to be the most relevant one to describe Remix Coworking. Throughout our travels, we’ve had the chance to visit extraordinary communities and Remix is definitely one of them. Are you intrigued and want to know what we mean? Good! Let’s talk about community, build with love, passion and dedication.  

Remix, the philosophy.

There is some sort of scientific and holistic approach to Remix Coworking. It is not about building a nice workspace, nor is it about having fancy furniture. At Remix, everything is about people and connection.

Understanding Humans at work

When building Remix Coworking, Hanane and Anthony started with one finding: the work world has gone old and does not fit into our new society. Technology has an immense impact on the way we go to work and do work and the sharing economy has grown and emphasized the importance of sharing and caring for others.

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In order to support Humans at work, they have built an environment where the old embraces the new and where there is a balance in everything, starting right with the community! Hence, 50% of their members are entrepreneurs and 50% are creatives.


Reflecting on what it means to work from a coworking space

The coworking world is booming, with more and more spaces opening every day it becomes easier to forget why coworking has started and what is the meaning of this word.

At Remix Coworking, the essence of coworking is part of their values. Hence, they are building spaces with the sole intention to CONNECT people and FOSTER collaboration. Today, Remix Coworking has 5 spaces around Paris. Each space has its own History and its own vibe. For instance, one of their space used to be a Berlin Print House, nestled in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. When it has to shut down and Remix took it over, they respected the building and kept most of its History, working more on the openness of the space and an interior design that can fit the existing layout rather than reinventing everything. Walking around the space, you can still see a lot of its past.


The second space we visited was formerly a Bordel where Remix also kept a lot of its past. The decor uses colors that reminds you of the Epoque and the basement, where there was cells for bad clients and a swimming pool has been kept and re-used as a photo studio and a tattoo shop.

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Building a space WITH the community

Probably their strongest core and DNA. At Remix Coworking, it’s about building a space WITH people and not FOR people. Members have a say in a lot of the daily life and events organized by the space and everything is done to facilitate them taking over!

You will not find community managers at Remix but Superconnectors like Marie. Marie’s role is not to be members’ best friend. It’s to understand who they are, what do they need and connect them to other members in the community that can help them reach their professional (and personal) goals.

Kindness always prevails at Remix!


Some Key Facts about Remix

5 spaces in Paris –  600 members


A closer look at Remix

  • Who is behind Remix?

Meet Hanane and Anthony, partners in crime for more than 10 years. After spending their career in Communication and running their agency, Wallace, they created in 2013 what Remix is today.

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Their vision and ambition is to bring to the market, a new type of workplace, centered on Humans and interactions, where everything is based on kindness, openness and authenticity.


  • What does the community looks like?

One thing Remix Coworking has done with greatness is their community. While there, we’ve experienced for ourselves community events and were impressed by the close bond between people.

When you become a member of Remix Coworking, you get a “God Father” meaning, someone that is in the space for more than a year and that can help you getting acquainted with the community daily life. Once you get more comfortable with the space, Remix Coworking offers plenty of opportunities to connect with other members and use the space as a way to promote your work.


If you understand French, listen to Remix Members telling more about what it means to be part of the community:



  • How can I discover more?

We had the pleasure to interview Marie, Superconnector at Remix as well as Emmanuel, coworker at Remix. Read both pieces to get a great and full perspective of what they daily life at Remix Coworking looks like.


Marie, who showed us around 2 of their spaces and with whom the great interview above!

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