Quinta del Sordo, Art and coworking combined

Learning is part of the coworking journey we are in. It is the reason why we travel and meet coworking people around the world. In Madrid, we learned a new word describing the way artists collaborate together: artworking. The word came out at Quinta del Sordo, a beautiful coworking space located in La Latina. We had the pleasure to meet Adriana, the community manager, who took us around the space while telling us its unique story.

Bringing local artists together

Javier, the Founder of Quinta del Sordo, and artist himself, built the space with the objective to generate models of cooperative work and self-financing for artists and creative companies.

Since the beginning, his main goal is to create a glocal (global + local) artistic community that can foster and promote contemporary creation and give visibility to artistic processes through the formation and dissemination of contemporary art, bringing them closer to society.

Having such a vision requires a unique and flexible space, allowing artists to express their creativity while collaborating with other coworkers. The physical space is spread over 1000 sqm in total, over three floors and two buildings next to each other. It hosts a coffee (serving delicious and fresh juices approved by the coworkies team), two event spaces and different types of coworking areas. Even the view from the street is quite unique and bucolic as Quinta del Sordo faces a very green and quiet park.

Quinta del Sordo

A modular space for any kind of arts

The uniqueness of Quinta del Sordo lies in its community. During our chat with Adriana, we quickly understood what she meant by Artworking. Each floor has its own function, with the inner objective to let people create.

Let’s start with the basement. When we saw it, it was the first time ever we saw a coworking space with 0 computers. The basement (which has natural light) hosts artists and craft makers who create objects and art such as bags made out of recycling clothes, jewelry, paintings and more. Next to the ateliers, there is a communal area with a yellow flooring adding a lot of vitamins to your eyes 🙂 It is used as an event space, bringing together people to express their talents through dancing, eating, playing music of sharing knowledge during community events.



Community Event at Quinta del Sordo




The ground floor is the main coworking area where you can spot some computers. Most of the members in that area work in design and architecture. The walls are filled with art pieces from the local artists (including coworkers) willing to show their work.

The first floor is the natural continuity of the ground floor hosting teams of architects and designers. The view from there is beautiful, facing the park and a church.

Welcoming Cultural Quinta

As we started to explain at the beginning of our article, Quinta del Sordo has recently expanded its space next door, adding more areas to create, work and meet like-minded artists. The new space has been named Cultural Quinta. At the entrance, you can sit and work from the Cafe-Coworking, a nice and bright spot serving food, juices and craft beers.


The coworking area starts at the back of the cafe. The huge ground floor hosts artists and designers as well as teams. The main room has a graffiti which has been created by one of the residents. On that floor, there is one meeting room open to the members with tiles on the floor following the same shape as the logo of Quinta del Sordo (the devil is in the details they say!)

Sharing knowledge

The new element to the overall space is the training room where artists hosts workshops and events for the general public. You can learn to do ceramics, Japanese calligraphy or how to create and edit your own podcasts.

Adriana and her team also organize classes called TANDEM, which is an intensive course of professionalization and implementation of projects bringing together artists and cultural managers to learn while launching their artistic-cultural projects as a team.

TANDEM is committed to innovation in cultural forms. It offers new tools for the creation, documentation, marketing and communication of creative projects, to grow collectively within the cultural and creative sectors.

If you are interested to know more about Quinta del Sordo, visit their page on Coworkies and reach out to the team to schedule a visit!

The Selfie Automat with… Adriana!

this selfie has been taken in a special place, where magic happens between people.

A selfie with Quinta del sordo


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