Coworking Spaces & People in Copenhagen

Bartleby and Coworkies selfie
Day one of Bartleby coworking

Since we started exploring coworking spaces, we have seen spaces who did not open their door yet, we have seen spaces who have been open for a week, a few weeks, a…

Bonjour and Coworkies selfie
Creative sharing with Bon Jour

We often tell you how each and every coworking space we see is unique. At COWORKIES, we believe the uniqueness of each one of them lies in the fact that every coworking…

Factory Forty and Coworkies selfie
Family Feeling at Factory Forty

While we travel we always try to use our time to visit the awesome coworking spaces in different cities. One day we had few hours stop in Brussels. So we took the…

NewCo Helsinki and Coworkies selfie
A wonderful end at NewCo Helsinki

On a late Friday afternoon, around 5, we were thrilled to be able to meet our very last and special space part of the COWORKIES summer tour: NewCo. We met Zheng, who…

Cohesion and Coworkies selfie
Cohesion, mixing art and business

After coworking made by real estate developer, after coworking made by non-profit, after coworking made by students, after coworking made by corporate, we are now heading to a coworking space made for…

Microsoft Flux and Coworkies selfie
Flux, coworking by Microsoft

After coworking made by a real estate developer, after coworking made by a non-profit organization, after coworking made by students, Helsinki brought us to Flux a coworking made by Microsoft. Flux is…

Startup Sauna and Coworkies selfie
One early morning at Startup Sauna

Startup Sauna is to Helsinki what YCombintor is to USA: a name everybody knows or have heard of, pushing the entrepreneurial scene in every possible way. While preparing our Nordics coworking tour,…

HUB13 and Coworkies selfie
How HUB13 helps startups to grow?

“What are the 4 things you need when you have a startup?” This might seem like a simple question, now join us below to find some answers. 1/ Startups need a place…


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