One as in 1HUB coworking!

Today’s blog post is about a unique type of a coworking space that is among a special few. Those spaces are setting a positive trend by opening their premises at university campuses. 1HUB is situated at the heart of the Software University in Sofia attracting its members with unique interior coworking design of  the space.

1Hub Coworking Sofia Bulgaria
1Hub Coworking Sofia Bulgaria

As Pauline was missing in action 🙂 this day, we met with Nikola few hundred meters away from 1HUB, where is his full-time work. While walking there, we catch up on few work related matters, before meeting Misha, co-founder and CEO of 1HUB. She greeted us with a big smile at the door and straight off the bat we immersed in a 20+ minutes of tech/startup talk. Slowly we moved to the topic of the day 1HUB. The orange logo color is reflects in the interior design and one can dive in its cozy atmosphere immediately. The long corridor leading to the main working area is full of private “boxes” that members can use for work, calls or 1 on 1 meetings. Furthermore the clever design also has hidden cabinets, storying all objects that can be distracting for the working eyes.

1Hub Coworking Sofia Bulgaria


Workspace with uniques coworking design

The design of the space is really special, unique and “made to measure”. Every element is hand crafted from the all important desks to the clever shelf designs on the walls. The main, open working area is surrounded by “planets” in the form of private offices, meeting rooms and a kitchen(Planet Earth). It might be the design or the community skills of Misha, whatever of the two, or their combination for that matter, the members of the space seemed super happy, cheerful and respectful to each other. “Throwing” hi’s at us while we passed by them we really felt the tight community this space has.

1Hub Coworking Sofia Bulgaria


Coworking and education

As we discussed it, coworking spaces in educational centers are an amazing opportunity for everyone. For students, the close proximity of a shared work space means to seamlessly find jobs in a coworking space. A real work environment with real companies and freelance professionals. For startups, to have quick reach to students is invaluable opportunity to stay on top of new trends and have big pool of people to test new services and apps. Probably the most important is to work together with young and eager to learn individuals.

1Hub Coworking Sofia Bulgaria

On top of everything, as Misha was telling us, is the opportunity for everyone to participate in plethora of events organized by the space and the Software University. From marketing and business workshops to tech specific meetups. The space has become a melting pot of professionals, students, guests(like us) and corporate visitors.

1Hub Coworking Sofia Bulgaria


Students, the next wave of coworkers

Time was passing by quickly as we walked and talked about our favorite topics of entrepreneurship and coworking. It was becoming late afternoon, so Misha took us to their game room which is shared with the Software University. There, members and students can further mingle together by the bar or around the game spots. All in all the space feels full of young people eager to learn and make things happen. As new students are enrolling all the time, it is sure that 1HUB will educate a lot of young people from Sofia about the ways one can flourish in a coworking space. Professionally and socially! Let’s see if the 1HUB mafia will take over the scene in the city:)

1hub coworking Sofia and coworkies

Meanwhile, check our funny selfie faces.

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