My co-living thoughts  (inspired by Nest Copenhagen)

Few month ago, I wrote about the first co-living space we visited while in London. During our trip to the Nordics, we decided to have a closer look at co-living initiatives. It’s in Copenhagen we got to see a pure co-living space called Nest Copenhagen. We met Frederik, a “co-liver” at Nest who took a bit of his time to show us around and share his own experience with co-living.


Many people wonder how co-living is different that just a simple flat sharing. Questions such as “where are the boundaries?” :Is there even a boundary between the two?“ have surfaced. Those are legitimate questions I was also asking myself. Until we visited Nest Copenhagen, where everything became crystal clear to me 🙂

If you look back in time, coworking spaces have, in their own way, disrupted the way people work. Indeed, where people used to have a closed office for themselves, with a desktop computer and a personal landline,  today everything you need is a proper internet connection and a laptop to get things done anywhere in the world BECAUSE, you have access to more than 7,000 coworking spaces around the globe where you can purchase daily, weekly or monthly pass, work easily and meet extremely relevant people to grow your network of like-minded professionals. With the rise of coworking, people have now more freedom to decide where they work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.



Now, think about co-living as a natural extension of this freedom of work and apply it to living. The like-minded community of coworkers is now looking at a new way to experience living, where everything is about collecting moments and not things. Co-living differs from a simple flat-sharing because it provides people interested in it, the ability to live in a space they cannot afford on their own. It can be very well located houses or flats.

All of them offer you extra flexibility in the renting condition (most of them are short term rental). In addition to the advantage of being more affordable and flexible, what I like about co-living is the prefix of it: co. It says a lot about the main purpose behind it. Where in a flat-share, you live your own life and do what you want, co-living is offering you the community of like-minded people to live with. Co-living goes beyond a simple “hi, how are you?” in the kitchen. Choosing co-living is choosing to be connected on both professional and personal levels.

That being said, let me give you the example we saw in Copenhagen at Nest. Nest brings together 20 entrepreneurs in 4 flats, all located in the same building. Everything I wrote above on co-living applies to them:

1/ The Location: Nest is very centrally located, 2 minutes away from Copenhagen Central Station.

2/ The Price: The price will vary from one room to another but it starts from 4,500 Danish kr. (about 650 euros) and goes up to 8,000 Danish kr. (about 1,000 euros). It always comes with everything included, which means: the internet, water, electricity, and cleaning.

3/ The Community: here comes the best part 🙂 Living inside Nest you will meet extremely talented entrepreneurs/innovators, with different backgrounds.


Everything is setup to make you integrate easily and feel at home in a second. Each month, the community gathers around dinners, movies, or just a few glasses or red wine and some long night conversations. There is a selection process in place, which means, not everybody can rent a room at Nest. The current members of the flats will meet you and make sure you are a good fit for the community.


To me choosing co-living is not about choosing a room, it is about choosing a way of life, a certain mindset where everything is about sharing and learning from each other. This is the feeling I got walking around the Nest with Frederik and Dimitar. Out of Nest Copenhagen floats some good vibes, making you feel good right from the doorstep.

To conclude, it looks to me co-living is at its very early-stage, with the help of the coworking community, it will propel to its next level and become way more prominent to the outside world.

This were my thoughts about co-living, all directly inspired by our visit to Nest Copenhagen!

Nest and Coworkies selfieFrederik, if you happen to read that article, thank you so much for your time and explanations. We had a great time with you!

PS: Yes, I know, this selfie IS very cool!

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