Meet the Social Impacters at Impact Hub Stockholm

We have been touring around Europe for 9 months now and in (almost) every city we have traveled to, we visited an Impact Hub. It started in Berlin, then later on in Milan and now Stockholm.

Impact Hub has a clear positioning: to be THE network of Social Entrepreneurs, who want to have a positive impact in the world we all live in. That being said, each and every Impact Hub we have visited is very different from one another. The reason behind it is mainly the team who starts it but as well the building they are in. The 3 Impact Hub spaces we have seen have a very different layout and in the 3 cities we saw them, the Social Impact is at a  different stage.


We were quite intrigued to discover a new Impact Hub in a city like Stockholm. Thre we met Cathy, Community Host and later on Funda, the Program Manager. Cathy gave us the story of the space combined with a tour. Impact Hub Stockholm started in 2014. It combines a coworking space, where Social Entrepreneurs come to work, a Business Incubator with several programs and an Innovation Lab. It is the perfect place to bring together the community of Social doers and makers. Even though it was summer time (meaning Holidays), the hub was buzzing. People were coming and going, chatting on the phone or working. There was a good vibe around that made us enjoy being there quite a bit.


Impact Hub is spread over 1 entire floor of an old industrialish looking building. The coworking area is at the center of the space, with meeting rooms around and a Community Kitchen / Social place. If you walk down the hall, you can even enjoy the sun on the outdoor terrace, which we kind of did (it was partially raining) with Funda later on).

The main strength of Impact Hub Stockholm lies in the content the core team put together. As said earlier, having such a variety of programs and options inside the coworking space naturally brings together the like-minded community to let them collaborate and share best practices. Working from Impact Hub Stockholm, you will meet great talent, great mentors, great advisers that will inspire you and your business in many ways. There is a lot of events, some for the community only but some are open to anyone interested in learning more about the different ways they can be socially impatful.


Community wise, Impact Hub have a very interesting model where members are actively contributing. The Community Hosts, like Cathy, volunteer one day per week to earn their membership and they are “mentored” by Members Hots who share their core expertise with them.
Once a week, members meet for what they call “a member lead event” which can be running or any other activity that bring them together. Members are coming from all over the world which gives a very international tone to the place.

We went out of Impact Hub Stockholm with the same smile on our faces as on that selfie below. Cathy and Funda really welcomed us warmly and they both took the time to hear our story and get involved in finding moe opportunitis for their members to be more connected.

🙌  to both of you Ladies 🙂

Impact Hub Stockholm and Coworkies selfie

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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