La Piscine, Is there an actual swimming pool in this coffice?

In the coming week, you are going to read a lot about Madrid on the blog. Continuing our journey into the coworking world, we have landed, for a few days, in the capital city of Spain. Interested to learn more about what it has to offer coworking wise, we have wandered around, meeting the people making Madrid’s coworking scene so special.

Our first meeting with La Piscine has made clear one thing about Madrid: the coworking landscape is extremely diverse. For those of you who are not French speakers, La Piscine is the french word used to describe a swimming pool. The name is as cool as its Founders: Estelle and Julie, two French women, who decided to start something Madrid has never experienced before: a Coffice.

Estelle & Julie, the 2 co-founders of La Piscine
Estelle & Julie, the 2 co-founders of La Piscine

Discovering La Piscine

We made our way to La Piscine on an early morning to meet Julie. Before even entering the space, we got seduced by the neighborhood: Calle de Campoamor in Justicia. The area is full of cool restaurants, shops and bars, it seems to be a great neighborhood to live and work!

When we came in, Julie welcomed us very warmly. La Piscine was still slowly waking up from an evening of celebration. The night before, people and members from the neighborhood came to celebrate the positive outcome of the French presidential election.

The Bar at La Piscine

La Piscine and its story

The meeting started with a tasting of their delicious coffee, served in one of the cutest British cups I have ever seen and got to share our stories. I have to say Julie’s communicative enthusiasm and dynamism charmed us all the way. After working in the fashion industry for quite a while and owning her own fashion brand, she decided to partner up with Estelle to start a venture totally new for both of them and for Madrid: a coffice.

The coffice part of La Piscine

Seduced by the concept of having a place where people can work but also enjoy fresh and delicious food and coffee, they found the perfect location for it. The space is of good size for a coffice. One thing you will notice there is the high attention to details: the decor, the color, the selected furniture, everything is here for a reason: to create a warm, joyful and pleasant environment for people to work and network.

Throughout their entrepreneurial journey of building a Coffice, Julie and Estelle have learned a lot. As they were the first in Madrid to bring a concept like this one, many questions surfaced with little obvious answers:

  • How do you “educate” a conservative society when it comes to work, to the concept of Coffice?
  • What can you do to bring people in?
  • How do you create an experience that will make people come back the next day, and the day after?

Those are some of the challenges La Piscine is facing and for which they put in place creative ideas to reach out to more people. Julie and Estelle have tried many things, some of them worked quite well and some of them did not meet the expected return on investment, meaning their time and effort.

And soon it was time to go…

Today, La Piscine is growing. More and more people push the door to come and work, and more and more members bring friends along! Julie and Estelle have also made La Piscine available for private bookings for the bigger companies looking for a nice environment to spend the day working outside of their office.

The little details at La Piscine

La Piscine also hosts afterwork events from cheese degustation to Marketing meetups. We can say that La Piscine is a big pool of content :).

Julie and Estelle are now looking at how to expand La Piscine to other locations across Madrid and beyond, paving the way to making Coffice a common thing in Madrid’s workplaces environment.

Our time together came to an end and we had to hit the road again for a new coworking discovery. We ended our meeting as it started, with loads of smiles and laughs and a selfie.

Our final touch to the meeting with Julie

Thank you Julie for making our time with you special and as they say in Spanish,

Hasta Luego 🙂

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