How to improve your well-being at work with HumbleWorks?

On a rainy afternoon in London (nothing unusual here), we met Shay and Sophie, the team behind a coworking product that improves your posture at work: HumbleWorks.

They welcomed us in their office, which is also their lab, where we were able to see and test their products. But before going to that point, we sat down with Shay and Sophie to hear their story.

An idea inspired by product design.

HumbleWork came to life while Shay was working on, a platform which brings together people who have tons of ideas but don’t know how to build them with product designers who can make these ideas come to life by designing them and manufacturers who can produce the selected designs. In a nutshell, it works like this:

While being involved on, Shay started to observe how people work. He realized a lot of them where looking for ways to improve their postures. He dug into standing desks market and saw gaps: most of the offering at the time were proper standing desks. And this is how HumbleWorks was born.

More than just standing desks, HumbleWorks team decided to build a new philosophy: making people happy to stand up and work. The main vision behind the company is to reinforce well-being and make people fall in love with a well-designed product. More than just a standing desk, it is a product that goes in line with their lifestyle.

Simple design, Ease of use.

It did not take us much effort to see how Shay and his team have put a lot of thinking into what they are building. Looking around us, we could see the walls filled with sketches of numerous iterations. To build the first product, the standing desk, Shay, and his team opted for one of the noblest material: wood. As you can see below, it has a nice and refined style, making it very easy to use.

After testing the first version internally and among friends, they decided to take as a challenge London as their initial distribution playground. Considering the size of the city and the opportunities available around, they had to make a decision on where to start from distributing. The team opted for coworking spaces and sold their first pieces to The Trampery and Huckletree. They received a lot of valuable feedback from their users, which they later used to build the version 1.2 of their first product that you can see below. The second stand is wider, you can fit a double screen, and there is also more keyboard space.

Coworking furniture posture

What does the standing desk do to your well-being?

By making you stand, it improves your blood circulation, lowers the risk of weight gain and back pain.

Despite all the benefits, professionals recommend a ratio of 1:1 (50% sitting, 50% standing) or to 2:1 (70% sitting, 30% standing) as this will give you the perfect health balance, increase your mood and energy level throughout your work day.

A better posture while sitting.

While working on the standing desks, Shay noticed that with this product, HumbleWorks was only improving people’s posture while standing. As said above, standing all day is not good for your posture. Shay and his team were well aware of it and added a new addition to their product line: the laptop stand. With those two, HumbleWorks covers the healthy balance of working sitting and standing. Have a look at the video below, you will see how the design is clean and practical. One additional detail: it is very easy to carry around.

Why can a laptop stand be good for you?

The benefits of the laptop stand are multiple. It elevates the laptop screen to an optimal position for your eyes. It prevents you to hunch over the laptop and let you sit back and adopt a healthier sitting posture.

What we value most about HumbleWorks is that it’s local, born and built in London. They are empowered by local manufacturers who produce all their items using CNC and other quick to make machinery.

True to the nature of a startup Shay and his team were able to pull out everything in a short time, from making the designs, to sourcing manufacturers and building the final products. Their ability to observe and listen helped them building their products together with their customers as we can see with the upgraded versions of the two existing products. Today, HumbleWorks clients can customize their products by choosing from a variety of wood as well as the color of the wrapping paper (option available for the laptop stand only).

HumbleWorks brings to coworking space better products that improve their member’s well-being. It contributes to the overall happiness of the space, making members feel better, more productive and thus happier. Speaking of happiness, we were happy to see their products later on while touring around coworking spaces.

Now that you are almost done reading this blog post you probably wonder if you have a good work posture? Have a look at the image below and correct yourself before it’s too late 🙂

Coworking furniture posture

You can also have a look at HumbleWorks products right here and get one for yourself.

We ended our meeting with a selfie in the middle of their office. Shay and Sophie were very kind and offered us laptop stands to test back in Berlin.

HumbleWorks Coworking Furniture London And Coworkies

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