How to grow your Impact with Impact Hub Istanbul

After a nice Turkish lunch, we headed to our second meeting in a coworking space that we start to know quite well: Impact Hub.
From all the Impact Hub we have seen (the very first one ever opened, the Nordic one, the German one, the Italian one or the Spanish one) this Impact Hub was the youngest one, opened few months ago.

This meeting happened thanks to Funda, the Program Manager of Impact Hub Stockholm that we met over the summer. In Istanbul, we sat down with Ayse, one of the co-founders of the Hub who welcomed us inside. We started our meeting with a grand tour of the space where we were able to take you with us using Facebook Live (yes, we are starting to be addicted to this).

Impact Hub Istanbul coworking

Good vibes only

Walking around the location, we realized there is something special about Impact Hubs. After seeing few of them, we can say that they all have this little something that make them unique even though they share the same name. The uniqueness of the Hub in Istanbul is clearly visible. There is a symbiosis between the building and the members, something we did not encounter before. Everything seems natural, the layout of the space is so well-made, the furniture (which are all custom-made by one of the co-founders) are beautiful and the members are all extremely friendly.

The coworking space is split over four floors. The ground floor is the welcoming/communal area which transforms into an event space when needed. There is also a kitchen corner where members can meet and have lunch together. When you climb up to go on the first floor, you can see the beautiful black and white portraits of the members. Ayse told us they were taken by one of their members. The first and second floor are the coworking floors, combining open and closed offices. There is a big terrace on the first floor where they organize summer cinema! How cool is that? The last floor is also a big and bright event space similar to the one available on the ground floor.

Empowered by the community

Impact Hub Istanbul coworking

After the tour, we sat down with Ayse and chatted about their community. Impact Hub Istanbul attracts entrepreneurs, freelancers, techies, consultants, investors who are eager to grow their impact on a local and global scale. The hub supports them with the physical space but also with the content they create via events. They bring inside their walls external clients that can add value to the place and the community. In the meantime, Ayse and her team are helping their members in their quest for making an impact by connecting them to their network of Impacters.

Impact Hub Istanbul coworking

Ayse and the all Impact Hub Istanbul have put together an amazing place. We left the space very impressed by all the footwork they did in such a short time. As you can see on the video, in few months they put together a all building and filled up the place to almost its full capacity, which is quite impressive. And we know it’s just their beginning. We can’t wait to see them develop the coworking with more members, more cool stories and more of everything they do so well: empowering people.

After such a great time there, we ended up our tour with an impact(full) and joyful selfie.

Impact Hub and Coworkies selfieIf you are in Istanbul, go and say hi to Ayse and her team, you will have a great time for sure 🙂

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