How Puzl CowOrKing built the coolest IT coworking space in Sofia?

After taking you to Istanbul, we are now bringing you to coworking Sofia, a buzzing city with a growing startup scene, to meet a space we visited twice last year while traveling: welcome to Puzl CowOrKing!

Puzl coworking space in Sofia

We have a lot to say about it, but let’s start with its name.

You might wonder with we wrote coworking, CowOrKing. Answer is, this is how Thibaut, one of the Founder, and the rest of his team, came with the idea of the space and its visual identity: by decomposing the word coworking. It gave them the inspiration to build the logo which you can see below: take it on that side, what do you see? A rocket right?

Puzl coworking space in SofiaNow, let’s turn it around, what do you see? A cow with a crown 🙂

Puzl coworking space in Sofia
If you walk around the place, you will understand why we decided to start with a small explanation on the name and the logo. Petya, the Chief Navigator of Puzl (and probably the luckiest girl on the planet for such a cool job title), later on Thibaut (the Founding Manager) and Milena (the Community Manager) showed us the gigantic space they have. The interior design combines a King Cow, as well as a lot of spaceship and rocket designs on the wall which gives a very funky touch to the place.

The Puzl story

Before speaking about the interior design of it though, let’s go back to the beginning.

First of all Puzl is a space reinventing an old factory building in the wider center of the city. Initially the co-founders of Puzl (Thibaut and Anton) were looking for an office space for their startup. While searching for a good office alternatives they stumbled on a huge empty space at Fabrika Vitosha – the building that now hosts a multiple businesses such as a super market, fitness center, shoe materials supplier and others.

Puzl coworking space in Sofia

Seeing such a cool and empty building, they decided to take on the challenge of building more than an office just for themselves to rather create a place where the IT community of Sofia can meet and expand.

Since the day they started, a bit more than a year ago now, they kept on growing. From their initial 720 sqm to a second floor downstairs adding 920 sqm to the equation. The two floors of open work environments are combining chill areas, open space, closed offices, big and small meeting rooms and community kitchens where members can cook their own food. With such a big surface, Thibaut and his team have built a place where teams from 1 to 20 people (and more) can have their own company while enjoying the benefits of a coworking space.

Puzl coworking space in Sofia

Furthermore, Puzl CowOrKing growth does not stop here as they are expanding to the building next door. Opening even more of coworking and even more of places where the IT community of Sofia can meet and network.

The Community

As you will have understood by now, Puzl is a coworking made for tech and IT people. As a result the community is composed of cool teams working for Product Hunt, Imagga, Metrillo, TaxiMe and more that you can e-meet right here.

Puzl coworking space in Sofia

The space also hosts one of Bulgaria’s main Seed funds LauncHub. They support promising digital startups along side the other big name Eleven. We quickly understood how Puzl has created an environment that suits the tech and IT community to foster the sharing of skills & resources. The space is made to create stories between members. Most importantly, the place is also there for people to have fun while working. Due to the modern interior design and the energetic team behind Puzl, this workspace has awesomely balanced work environment.

Aside from the coworking space, Puzl is the location where IT and Tech events are organized. The team is very proud to have connected dots between more than 400 people during 100 events. While drinking lots of beers (says their website).

Puzl coworking space in Sofia

In all its benefit, nothing can compare to the awesome view you have to the nearby Vitosha mountain. It’s tempting to imagine the end of the work day up in the mountain for a good night snowboarding session. It’s just 30 min away driving. We even have the proof that some of the Puzl team are enjoying this privilege very much right here:

Puzl coworking space in Sofia

This is a message we found recently on their Facebook page. It was left by Petya to the rest of the team, haha. We love it!

Big up to the Puzl team for such a cool place in Sofia! We were glad to be hosted there for our last team meeting of the year 2016. We ended up taking creative and artistic pictures with Thibaut 🙂

Puzl coworking space in Sofia

Most importantly, this is the VERY first selfie with the all COWORKIES team! #YAY

Puzl and Coworkies selfie

In conclusion we need to share the VERY first selfie we did at Puzl together with Petya 🙂 (where you see the cool Cow King art print on one of their wall)

Puzl and Coworkies selfie

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