How atta33 set up the tone of our COWORKIES Barcelona Tour, day #2

Moving on to day #2 of our Barcelona tour. After meeting so many incredible people on our first day, we were quite excited to start this one. And we could not hope for a better beginning of the day.


We came there to meet Maria, the Community Manager of atta33.

Maria made our start of the day as warm as the weather outside. Seriously. She welcomed us inside the space and told us everything about it with so much enthusiasm and passion. We loved it.

She explained the meaning of the name, how it all started and how they foster creativity by bringing in the neighborhood amazing machines, allowing people to create without limits.


We learned that “atta” are actually leaf-cutter ants who work as a group to do their work. And this is what the space is all about. Bringing together people from different backgrounds and let them share knowledge and support each other. We also had a long discussion about the shared economy and we spoke about initiatives we like around the world.

That talk was very much linked to the DNA of COWORKIES. We see our platform as a space that supports the shared economy and the future of work, by allowing our users to keep their coworking network all in one place, at all time and to explore it without limits.


Our chat was followed by a tour of the space, which is quite big and spread out on 2 floors. Downstairs, you can find a communal area and tables for workshops. You can come and 3D-print objects or use the CNC / laser cutter machines and to do wood work.

There is also a small coffee-bike serving delicious and fresh coffee. The cool part about it is that to make it work and produce the coffee, the person making it needs to cycle 🙂

Upstairs you can find the coworking area and the community kitchen. It’s a very light and quiet space with a direct view over the workshop area. Direct and daily source of inspiration for the people working upstairs 🙂


Our 1 hour chat flew very fast, it was already time for us to leave. We could not resist to the selfie temptation and we took it where the creativity erupts each day: in the CNC/Laser machine room.

Atta33 and Coworkies selfieMaria, thank you again very much for your time, it was a great pleasure to meet and chat! See you soon on COWORKIES!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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