Greenspace, the most peaceful coworking space of France

Productivity at work is a hot topic. Everyone seeks work environments that allows them to be more efficient and focused but when you think about it, it is actually a hard thing to find. In fact, productivity is a very personal topic. Each and everyone us have different needs when it comes to focus. Some of us will need total silence, while others will prefer louder environments where things are constantly moving.

Hence, one question arise: how can you build a work environment that is aligned with each and everyone’s desire when it comes to productivity? This is a question coworking spaces are often asking themselves and for which they look for innovative solutions. As much as it seems hard to do, according to a recent study from Deskmag, 74% of coworkers feel more productive in a coworking space. What is it due to? What does the work environment need to enhance efficiency? While In Paris, we had the pleasure to visit a space that masterise the art or productivity at work: Greenspace. Get ready to take some notes!

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Greenspace, the story.

Started back in 2010 in a (not so) hidden neighborhood of Paris (the 11th), Greenspace has at heart, since day one, to build the secret recipe of a good work environment. The magic actually happens right when you enter the space. As a matter of fact, I would even say that through the interior design, you receive a massive wave of good feelings and positive energy.

The colors used inside the space are recreating the natural elements: blue for water, green for nature and yellow for the sun. In addition to the colors, the space also has a lot of plants, using a biophilic design that seeks to connect members more closely to nature. Therefore, when you think about it Greenspace as a name totally reflects as well into the interior design they chose.

Spread over 3 floors, the space offers different working environment from communal areas to silent ones where it feels like a library. Once again here, the areas have been designed in such a flawless way that when you walk around it feels very natural to move from a somehow “loud-er” area and step by step enter the silent zone. In that specific space, people can choose the way they want their desks to be: with or without a paravent that can cut you out of the work environment around you and the ambient noise. 

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Some Key Facts about Greenspace

760 sqm – 3 floors – 95 members


Being able to have all those different workspaces inside one makes it way easier on coworkers to go with their own flow. Whenever you need to interact or want to work among people, you can choose of the tables around the communal areas and whenever you need total silence to focus and achieve something, you can use the silent zone and go at your own rhythm. And it works so well!

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When we walked around Greenspace, we saw so many different interactions: from people using the communal space to make phone calls or just answer emails to people using the silent zone to code, design or write.

We did feel really good at Greenspace and loved the energy and dedication put into building a peaceful but dynamic work environment.  

A closer look at Greenspace

  • Who is the founder?

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Meet Amaury, Entrepreneur who was formerly leading the ESCP incubator (one of Paris’ best business school). Aside from building a coworking space, Amaury is also a mentor for startups.




  • What does the community looks like?

The community is a great mix of professionals, from freelancers to startups and bigger companies. The industries are also very diverse, combining food, design, sales as well as scientifics or social entrepreneurs.

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Greenspace gathers their community on a weekly basis via community lunch, pizza nights, karaoke night or even Raclette night during winter (we LOVE that)

  • Something unique about Greenspace?

They have a work-treadmill that is made available for members who would like to work while exercisin

g a little bit. How cool is that? It was one of the first time we saw one in action.

  • How can I discover more about Greenspace?

Good news, they are on Coworkies! Check out their jobs, their events and make sure to drop by if you are in Paris! After all, we all need to experience some good work vibes right?


Benoit and Claire who welcomed us so warmly and showed us around!

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Pauline Roussel

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