Go local at coworkhub!(London tour #2, meeting #1)

At the beginning of May, and after an amazing time exploring Barcelona’s coworking scene, we decided to go back to London to explore it a bit more. We reached out to spaces we could not meet the first time and also to new ones we found. The one we are going to talk about today is CoWorkHub.

Meet Alex.

Alex is the passionate and passionating founder of CoWorkHub, and this is our COWORKIES story.


CoWorkHub is the very first space we visited during our COWORKIES tour #2. We discovered it online and liked the way it was presented. We contacted the team and were delighted to receive a fast response soon after our very first email.

We took the Tube up to Victoria Road 98, and arrived in front of a very industrial and London-ish building. We pushed the entrance door to enter and as I was wearing my (beautiful) COWORKIES sweater :), Alex knew right away who I was. We started first by following him around for a tour of the building which is very HUGEEE & super SPACIOUUUS.

It has 2 floors:

/ Downstairs you have the welcome desk, the kitchen area AND the Gym (yes there is a gym)


/ Upstairs is focused on the coworking area as well as meeting rooms.

Each meeting room has a different wallpapers, from London cliches to cool comic books, which give them a very cute touch 🙂



The coworking area is very bright and everyone can enjoy a desk with a lot of space around. It offers you a bit more intimacy and privacy, which is great when you have a team.


After the tour, we sat down with Alex in the kitchen to hear his story. Alex is a real Londoner. Born and raised there. He knows the city by heart and he has an vivid entrepreneurial mind. Few years ago he decided to have a project of his own and to create his own coworking space. It took him more than a year to find this one. He visited and answered to a tenders to finally find this gem in the North of London.

But the thing I loved the most about CoWorkHub, is that Alex decided to promote the very local economy by supplying the space, with products that are offered by businesses in the neighborhood. For instance, the beer Alex offers to his member is produced around the corner. It’s called Portobello brewery and they have an amazing visual identity! Read there story on the website, it’s such a great one! Alex goes deeper into the local concept by hiring local companies for food and other related services to take care of the space.


I could see how much passion and time Alex is dedicating to involve local companies and to have a positive impact around him.

We also spoke about the coworking scene and we shared our collected knowledge with Alex about what we have seen and what he has experienced so far too. Those kind of conversation are always a great way for us to think and orientate COWORKIES into a direction that will benefit everyone: the coworkers and the coworking space owners.

We could have spoken a least 1 more hour, but the time was ticking and it was already time for us to leave. Alex kindly offered us 2 beers, so that we can taste them home (we could not drink one at 9 o’clock in the morning). We decided to take a selfie in the meeting room representing our London trip best:

Coworkhub and Coworkies selfieThis time, no sunburns, just happy faces 🙂

Alex, thank you very much again for giving us a bit of your time. We are big fans of what you do and we love the energy you put in making CoWorkHub looking awesome.

As I usually like to say, see you VERY soon on COWORKIES!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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