Exploring “Coworking Milan” @ ImpactHub

Time to close the Milan chapter with our last “space exploration”. And what an exploration! The space we went to see, is popular for many reasons:

  1. It has 79 open spaces in 48 countries around the globe and gathered a community of 11,000 people.
  2. It is a mix of an innovation lab, a business Incubator and a social enterprise community center.
  3. They provide their members an inspiring space to help them move from intention to impact.

Do you see who I am talking about? Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome IMPACT HUB MILANO on coworkies’blog!

How did we land there?

We got connected to Impact Hub via people in Berlin who knew someone, who knew someone there (#powerofconnections). Few emails back and forth with Stefania, the community mananger of the space, and BAM, we were invited to the Community Lunch.



We arrived in the colorful and multicultural neighborhood of Impact (which is located in the Chinatown of Milan) under heavy rain. As soon as we passed the welcome desk, the heavy rain was way behind us. The space was a vibrant, animated and dynamic environment where everyone was giving a hand to get the lunch ready. The community spirit was just TOO obvious to be missed.

Stefania warmly welcomed us and showed us around the amazing and bright space. She was running everywhere, from kitchen, to guests, from guests to kitchen. We loved her energy and we did our best to be as helpful as we could.


Soon, lunch was ready and everyone was gathering in the kitchen, like a family. We chatted with many members, had the opportunity to explain COWORKIES and get positive feedback about what we wanted to do and the impact we want to have on the coworking market.

Lunch was DELICIOUS (thanks guys for those amazing pasta!) and we were thrilled to chat with Stefania at the end. Impact Hub Milano is a VERY active space. They have so much going on, we were amazed!


It was already time for us to leave, but we of course could not go without a selfie:

Impact Hub Milan and Coworkies selfieIn return, we even got our faces on the Impact Hub Milano twitter 🙂



Thanks again Stefania and all the team for such a great time! We hope to see you soon on COWORKIES 🙂

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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