ESDIP Berlin, coworking for Creatives

Berlin is a real treasure when it comes to coworking. There are many gems all around the city that we have enjoyed exploring. Recently, we landed in ESDIP, a coworking space for Creatives, and met Maria, the Founder, for a tour of her space.

ESDIP Coworking Berlin
ESDIP Coworking Berlin

Maria’s (and ESDIP) beginnings in Berlin

we were trying several ways to explain how ESDIP started and what it is when we found this video, filmed in 2013, not long after it opened. It is a cool video to watch as it shows the very early days of ESDIP. While watching, we realized how much the space has changed since 2013 and how much it has grown and evolved into the Creative nest Maria envisioned.

Where does ESDIP stand today?

A few years after its opening, ESDIP is flourishing. The coworking space has expanded over another floor, offering more seats, meeting rooms and communal area to its members. The two floors are very bright, with big windows, brick walls and an industrial look. More than a workplace, it has also developed into a Creative community, allowing space and time for members to do what they love: create.

ESDIP Coworking Berlin

Thus, over the years, the reputation of the space has been built upon ESDIP’s teamwork as well as its members. The community of Creatives working inside ESDIP is actively contributing to it by organizing events where they can share their knowledge with the external crowd. In ESDIP, you are able to come to work during the day and afterwards, attend workshops touching on topics such as drawing, collage, digital collage, screen printing, design thinking, or even building websites on WordPress.  If you are interested in attending a workshop, have a look at the calendar right here.

ESDIP has added to Berlin coworking scene a collective way of building a coworking space, by involving the members right from the beginning and letting them build and sustain the creative environment they want to work in.

Speaking of environment, ESDIP has a very friendly and focused atmosphere. During the day, everyone quietly creates and after work, members often enjoy beers kicker tournaments, using the kicker table that has been built by a member himself.

We really enjoyed our time with Maria and were glad to learn more about her story. ESDIP is a coworking space that has community at heart and this is something we love as much as this selfie 🙂

ESDIP Coworking Berlin and Coworkies

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