Ending the London coworking tour in the coolest way at Runway East

There it comes. The last (super special) special post of our London journey. Super special for few reasons.

When we decided to go to London, we knew we REALLY wanted to meet the team of Runway East. We did not want to write a simple email, but we did not know anyone there. So there was not so many options left for us.

Except that one night, we met Pedro, co-founder of Landing jobs in Berlin. He organized an event at the Rainmaking Loft to promote what he does. Additionally, he is also part of the Berlin Startup Slack Group we created. On my conquest to meetings with coworking spaces in London, I decided to post a message on the Berlin Slack Group to see if anyone knew someone from a coworking space in London. Few minutes after my message was sent, which was the day after Pedro’s event at the Loft, he wrote me “Hi Pauline, I can help as I work from Runway East”.

My smile went from regular to big banana! We chatted a bit more and Pedro immediately wrote an email to Natasha, the COO of Runway East. She replied very quickly and sent me a meeting invite. BOOM. it was scheduled! We were ACTUALLY going to meet Runway East. #joy

Now you know how we got our meeting there. The reason why we wanted to meet them is because Runway East gathers in its 13,000sft one of the strongest community of tech businesses. It’s one of London’s key player in the tech scene, providing startups with top coworking location and huge network of professionals to support their community.

We were very excited, after those 2 amazing days, to meet Natasha. We came down the elevator and arrived in huge open and vibrant space. Pedro came to say hi, we could not thank him enough for making that meeting happen (thanks again Pedro, you rock!)


Natasha joined us and we had a long conversation about COWORKIES. She completely understood the pain points COO have when it comes to connecting people together or even outside the space. She also gave us extremely valuable feedback. And of course she also told us more about Runway East, how it started, how is it going to expand in the near future and about her role in running the space.

We felt so good, chatting in the kitchen and knowing there will be no other meetings that we did not feel like going.


We told Natasha we could not leave without a selfie so we looked for the best spot around. We ended up smiling right there!

Runway East and Coworkies selfieThanks again A MILLION Natasha for your time. It was so great to meet you! We hope to see you very soon again in London, Berlin and on coworkies.com 🙂

The End.

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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