Ending our 1st day in a creative way at 90 Main Yard


Last meeting of day #1 in London was quite full of nice discoveries and beautiful stories.

Day #1 ended in an area of London I did not know before (excuse the non-Londoner I am): Hackney Wick. If like me this does not ring a bell to you, here is a little tip that might help you out:


We traveled all the way up to North-East London to meet Paul, the awesome community manager of 90 Main Yard. This meeting happened thanks to the great help of a friend, Bernie with who we did a podcast during our first London tour. He mentioned 90 Main Yard when we met him and introduced me to Paul later, when I told him we were coming back. As Bernie is super resourceful about the London coworking scene, we knew we could trust him eith eyes closed:)

When we stepped out of the Overground train we were greeted by a magnificent piece of graffiti on the back of an old warehouse building, signaling the creative nature of the area.

I did not count how many cool ones I have seen from the overground station up to 90 Main Yard, but there were quite a lot. The neighborhood is quite artsy with lots of studios, warehouses and even a skate park.

We arrived in front of a massive old industrial building. Later on, we learned via Paul that it used to be a dye cutting factory.

The coworking space is up on the 3rd floor so we had time to get exited about it while climbing up. Paul greeted us and after a fresh glass of water, our chat started. We sat down in the “chill” area and gave Paul, our full COWORKIES story.



It immediately clicked between us and it was nice to speak to someone who understands what we want to do, where we want to go and why we are doing all of this. On the other hand the story of  90 Main Yard is also quite interesting, since it was started by people deeply involved in the music scene in London and the space was first used as an after-party venue. We enjoyed very much listening to Paul’s story. He told us how he started here, what were the challenges he faced and also how will the space evolve in the near future. We were happy, Paul offered his help and support for COWORKIES right away.

After our talk, Paul gave us a tour of the building which is actually quite big.


The coworking community of 90 Main Yard is a mix of creative people, start-ups and social enterprises. The work environment is very inspiring, using reclaimed materials.


We saw that on the second floor, there is a variety of musicians housed in music studios alongside photographers and film-makers.

On the ground floor, there is a very cool cafe, where you can have delicious food and enjoy drinks on the outside terrace facing the canals. And as it was our last meeting of the day, we were not in hurry anymore so this is exactly what we did.


Outside, we continued to chat with Paul and had a very long discussion about Hackney Wick. Paul told us how Hackney Wick is changing very fast, with new constructions and buildings popping up around. What is still today an artistic area, might soon become very different. Along this, 90 Main Yard will remain and will continue to play a its creative role in the neighborhood.

Paul did his first-ever selfie (with a selfie stick) with us and it’s a very cool one!


Paul it was lovely to meet you. Thanks for your time, thanks for supporting COWORKIES! We can’t wait to build the platform with your help. See you very soon!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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