DTU Skylab, I want to be a student again!

OK, so I am not that old. I mean, I am not even old. But it feels quite a while ago now since I have been a student. And when I was a student myself (so not so long ago), I wish I would have found a place like DTU Skylab.


DTU Skylab is the last space we visited while in Copenhagen and to be honest, after seeing it I believe we ended our visit to Copenhagen with a very nice cherry on top of the cake.

Located on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Skylab is, as its name says, a lab for students to try everything. And I really insist on everything. From chemistry to hardware, to 3D printing projects, DTU Skylab gives them the opportunity to play and learn at the same time.


We met Rikke, the Entrepreneurship Officer, who very kindly opened the doors and guided us through the amazing place and its story.  Their aim? Support students to innovate and become an entrepreneurs as well as connecting their students to the professional world. The place is very impressive: 2 floors of a playground (this is literally how I see it) offered to the students as well as experts in the different fields to guide them through the process of using the hardware machines, chemicals or building business plans.



The DTU Skylab has several partnerships with VCs from the Nordics (such as Seed Capital) as well as Corporate brands and the European Commission. Walking around the lab, we met all the experts that are guiding the students throughout the year with their different projects.


This was the first time ever I was around a place like this one. I could not hide my excitement. I felt like a 6 years old going to Disneyland. I just love how universities are constantly working and thinking on how they can bring and facilitate access to entrepreneurship among their students. Chatting with Rikke we learned that the lab can be sometimes scary or overwhelming for the students. They have a role to play in guiding them inside and let them find their soft spot inside the place and connecting to other students.


The interior design looks like a modern industrial factory, very bright and spacious. There are several rooms that Students are free to use during the day with tables all around if they just need a place to use their laptop.

I could not wish for a better end of our Copenhagen tour. The collaborative space is amazing and the team of DTU Skylab has been super nice! Rikke even dropped us back to the metro station to make sure we don’t miss our flight to Oslo for our next coworking meeting! This selfie is a perfect summary of our visit to DTU Skylab: friendly and welcoming. Definitely, a must see if you happen to explore Copenhagen!

DTU Skylab and Coworkies Selfie

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