Day one of Bartleby coworking

Since we started exploring coworking spaces, we have seen spaces who did not open their door yet, we have seen spaces who have been open for a week, a few weeks, a month or more but never ever have we visited a space who opened its door on the day we visited them. This is now checked on our list since we met Bartleby coworking!

Bartleby coworking brussels

We met Bernard, one of the 2 co-founders of Bartleby coworking.
He took us around the brand-new Brussels-based coworking space and shared, later on, his vision of the place.

Bartleby coworking is a spacious and open coworking space that caters the needs of many:

  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs, who are looking for an open and flexible environment to work and meet like-minded people.
  • Small companies, who need a closed office to grow while enjoying the community inside the coworking.
  • Moms and Dads who have very young kids (from 1 to 18 months), who are looking for an environment with enough space and equipment to welcome their children while they work. Yes, Bartleby coworking has set up a dedicated room where parents can work while their kids play.

Bartleby coworking brussels

It is one of the first coworking space in Belgium which welcome parents together with their kids. Bernard told us he recently became a dad and got the idea to build a dedicated area inside the coworking where he can bring baby Oscar, his child.

Building a coworking space for parents is such a great idea. They find in such environment the flexibility to come to work at hours that suits them and their kid’s rhythm. It also allows them to keep their kids longer before sending them to daycare or to plan better the daycare integration, which also helps them to be more relaxed and productive. Kids don’t have to go to the daycare all day but rather spend half of the day with their parents and the other half at the daycare. Additionally, there is another very interesting point that comes with kids. Bringing children to coworking is a great way to familiarize them with both the word and the concept from a very young age. As if you think about it, when they go to the daycare, they can tell their friends “Mom and Dad work in a coworking space”.

Bartleby coworking has also a vast range of services that they propose to their members as well as very flexible subscription offers. Members can access an open kitchen with free coffee to chat with other coworkers, relax areas where they can take a break during their busy days, phone booth where they can keep their conversation secret as well as meeting rooms where they can meet from 2 to 10 teammates or customers. Members also have access to private and secured parking spots accessible 24.7.

Bartleby coworking brussels

Bartleby being quite new, Bernard and his team are organizing several events for their community as well as for non-members. Their aim is to connect the dots between everyone to foster collaboration and networking. If you are in Brussels and are interested in the coworking scene, you should definitely pass by Bartleby and meet Bernard, just like we did 🙂

Bartleby and Coworkies selfie

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