Coworklisboa, the first coworking space of Portugal

After visiting Madrid coworking spaces’ and people, we decided to take a night bus straight to one of Europe’ hottest city at the moment: Lisbon! For 3 days, we toured around town, visiting different types of coworking spaces and understanding better the dynamics of coworking there.

We started with Lisbon’s first opened coworking space: coworklisboa where we met Ana, the community manager. If you want to find cowork lisboa, you will have to lose yourself in the amazing LX Factory.

What’s LX Factory?

LX Factory is this kind of place that has lived many lives and contains a lot of History inside its walls. Built in 1846 as one of the most impressive manufacturing site in Lisbon’s history, the 23,000 sqm building has now been transformed into a creative island, gathering a wide range of companies from Corporates to Artists. 

LX Factory

Some Key Facts about Coworklisboa

– When did it open?

It all started with Fernando in 2009. After being a designer for more than 20 years, he decided it was time to start a space where people could work and collaborate instead of being home, alone. Together with his wife Ana, they created the very first coworking space in Lisbon and in Portugal: coworklisboa.

– Who are the Founders?

Meet Fernando and Ana the Founders of coworklisboa. Their approach is to be Human-centric, focusing on building bridges and connections between members.

coworklisboa Founders


Since the very beginning of Coworklisboa, Fernando and Ana have done a tremendous work in pushing and promoting Portugal’s coworking scene and amazing work-life balance quality. If you are interested to read what they have to say, follow Fernando’s twitter right here.

 – What is the community like?

Speaking about members, the community of Cowork Lisboa is pretty diverse. You will meet and work alongside designers, photographers, scientists, translators, programmers, architects, and marketers.


The community fosters a peer-to-peer model where you can share and learn from each other. Each member is an active “community builder”, contributing to building a melting pot of knowledge and skill sets.  

– Something unique about coworklisboa

The portraits of the members displayed in the space have been shot by one of the member who is a photographer. It gives a such a special touch to the overall design of the space, we love it! 

 Coworklisboa, coworking space


– How can you discover more about coworklisboa?

Get to know more about the space, have a look at their website and facebook page.

Book a trial day (at the bottom of their website) and experience the community for yourself, if you are in Lisbon and thinking about finding a sweet spot in a coworking space.


Selfie Automat with… Ana Rita!

A selfie with Coworklisboa


PS: As we speak, CoworkLisboa is celebrating its 8 years anniversary!


Happy 8 years to you guys from the Coworkies team and to many more!


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