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In our previous blog post, we told you how amazed we were by Helsinki’s coworking scene. Thinking about it now, after our Summer Tour in the Nordics, we realized we did not experience, before Helsinki, a city where so many diverse stakeholders are part of the coworking ecosystem.

Today, we will meet Rosa. A student in Anthropology who helps running, with other students and Professors, a coworking space called Helsinki think company (ThinkCo).


ThinkCo has been initiated by the University of Helsinki, the city of Helsinki and some Corporates, who decided to contribute to the economic development on a national and local level by bringing up a physical space where students can starts entrepreneurial projects. They took inspiration from Standford University where they traveled to learn how entrepreneurship was fostered on the other side of the ocean.

ThinkCo today is co-owned by the University and the city of Helsinki BUT all operations are run by the students, aka Rosa and her fellow colleagues. They are in charge of managing the space, putting together events and drag the student entrepreneurial crowd into the space. At ThinkCo, everything is about helping you start building on the ideas you have to transform them into a startup or activity that can bring something awesome to the world. It focuses on letting you DO.


ThinkCo does not define itself as “just” a coworking space. To better understand their positioning in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, have a look at the infographic they put together.

The ThinkCo ecosystem is composed of students who come here to seek help in their project, professors/faculties who bring the educational knowledge and innovation partners who support in the making via advice, mentoring, funding, business contact, etc. ThinkCo, as a physical space, offers free coworking to anyone who pushes the door and comes with an idea in mind.

With ThinkCo, the University & the city of Helsinki are making access to the entrepreneurial world easier. It is a very innovative initiative, made by the students for the students. It brings together a community of like-minded individuals who want to start things in any kind of field: social science, tech, medicine, ThinkCo has no limit. This is something we loved about it: having the University of Helsinki involved facilitate access to entrepreneurship in any discipline. It is a place where people learn together and from each other.


Rosa was telling us about the core of ThinkCo, which are the events and as you can see on their Events calendar, there is at least 1 event per day. which covers many topics: startup challenges, user testing evening, demo days, counselling, Friday Funday and much more.

If you read that article and, like us, are triggered by ThinkCo, visit them while in Helsinki. They have 2 locations: one downtown (which is the one we visited) and one a bit further out. We ended up with our little tradition aka: the COWORKIES selfie.

Think Company and Coworkies selfieThank you very much Rosa for your time, what an inspiring place you have 🙂

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