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If you guys don’t know it yet, one of us at Coworkies is French (it’s me, Pauline :)) and I lived in Paris for many years. When I used to live there, coworking was really not a thing. Few spaces were starting to open but it was not as big as what it is today.

I used to live in the north of Paris, the 17th, which is a very nice and familial neighborhood. Can you imagine my surprise, when I discovered that literally 5 houses away from where I used to live, a coworking space opened its door! Its name? Be Coworking.

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Be Coworking, the story.

Started in 2014 (the year I actually left Paris), it has now grown and flourished around the city and beyond.

Behind Be Coworking is more than a work environment, it is a true ecosystem. When Ruben, the founder, started it a few years ago, he had the ambition to provide professionals with an inspiring work environment where they could meet, work, learn, share and connect with their neighborhood. The philosophy of Be Coworking lies in openness, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Throughout the interior design, the people and the events, Be Coworking invites members to experience work differently. Additionally, the space offers the right tools for professionals to grow and learn in their field: CMS, Cloud Computing, Design, Community Management, SEO, Marketing and other resources are available at any given time inside the space.

Let’s explore a bit more the concept of Be Coworking!


Some Key Facts about Be Coworking

Started in 20144 coworking in Paris – 1 coworking space in the south of France


Meet Be Coworking

  • What does the space looks like?

We visited one out of the 4 spaces Be Coworking runs in Paris. Located in La Jonquiere, it is a beautiful, bright and big workspace. Spread over 3 floors, it combines working areas, communities areas, meeting rooms as well as event spaces.

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We love the combination of materials, mixing wood, metal, warm colors and beautiful interior design touches around.

  • What is the community like?

The community is very diverse, from startups to freelancers, agencies (my former company sits there! How connected are we?) as well as coaches or schools.

One thing we loved about Be Coworking is the way they use the neighborhood to:

  1. Educate people to the concept of coworking
  2. Gather people from all age ranges not just around work.


  • Something unique about Be Coworking?

When we visited Ruben and his team, we saw kids who were coming to the space for activities such as art, english lessons or even dance. It was such a different experience to see kids roaming around the space and making it their own! We actually never experienced it before.

One thing we also loved was the ingenuity of Ruben and his team to spread the word about their space. One simple thing he mentioned that struck a chord with us was that the Be Coworking team personally went to meet all the caretaker around the block to tell them about their space and ask if they would agree to promote it and talk about it to the tenants of the building. Such a local print!

If you are interested to know more, have a look at their website and reach out to the team for a visit!


Ruben, the founder of Be Coworking!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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