BCN575, a small treasure in the heart of Barcelona

As you might have seen on our Social Media channels, we were in Barcelona last week. And if there is one word that would describe our journey it would be LOVE.

We loved EVERYTHING, from the sunny weather (we even sunburned), the vibe of the city and most importantly to the people we met. They made the spirit and atmosphere of their respective spaces and we felt good everywhere we went.

Let’s start with the first space we saw: BCN575!

We walked from the place we stayed at (Rocky, if you read that thank again for hosting us :)) until BCN575, enjoying the sun 🙂

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We entered a beautiful and old building and we made our way up to BCN575. Janice, the founder of the space kindly opened the door and just like that our chat started. The moment we entered the space, we felt in Spain. The colors, the tons of the different tiles around the space, give it a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Janice started the space together with her husband. Both being architects trying to find a workplace to share with other people. She is very knowledgable about the historical background of the city and we were happy to learn about how the streets and neighbourhoods have shaped through the years. She is also an avid learner and quite knowledgable about the coworking scene in Barcelona. From her stories we learned that many coworking spaces opened during the crisis to help people save cost and start freelancing.

The funny story about BCN575 is that Janice lives literally 1 floor down, so the commuting is not long for her. BCN575 is very well located and you can come directly from the airport, the bus stops is just in front of it. Janice told us her community of members is quite diverse. In the space you can find a good mixture of startups, freelancers and remote workers from Spain to US.



We talked also about COWORKIES and how our aim was to gather this community of like-minded people to emphasize the sharing of knowledges, information and best practices and let people continue to work from wherever in the world.


After our chat, Janice gave us a tour of the space. We were amazed to see how everything has been so well designed and thought. Like this meeting room for instance! The space is optimized, you can sit there and not being disturb by the noises around you. That’s so cool!


My crush was the tiles on the wall of the kitchen. I loved the idea so much of finding the same pattern on the floor and on the wall.



Of course, we kept intact the selfie tradition and choose a sunny spot to take it (don’t laugh at our sunburned faces, please 🙂 )

BCN575 and Coworkies selfieThank you SO much Janice for the warm welcome and for your time. It was a great start of the day for us!

See you very soon on COWORKIES🙂

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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