And so the Coworkies Journey begins

“It’s good to have an end in mind, but in the end what counts is how you travel” – Orna Ross

Good day to you coworkers of the world!,

My name is Pauline and,  I am one of the co-founders of

This blog post is my invite to you to join a new coworking adventure. But before we start, I thought we should begin with the story of COWORKIES. I call it our ‘startup story.’

6 months ago something very special happened to me. I started a new and amazing job as the General Manager of the Rainmaking Loft Berlin – a unique coworking space with its own charm and community atmosphere. Quickly this started to be more than work for me with a plethora of new amazing people and startup stories unveiling in the space everyday.

As part of our community binding events we hold an open breakfast for our members and their friends every Friday. Everyone attending has the chance to present themselves and ask or offer help to the people around the table. Its truly one of the most gratifying moments of the week to see people connecting freely based on their work,  hobbies and some good food of course:).



At one of those breakfasts we started conversing over the needs of the community with Dimitar – one of my co-founders who was at that time, entrepreneur in residence for Startupbootcamp. We quickly realized one thing: People join coworking spaces to be among other people – sharing knowledge, work opportunities and be in a helpful environment. We started to think about how do they do that, where are the boundaries of a single coworking space and how people can leverage their opportunities by using technology. To get a better picture of the coworking landscape we met with the owners and community managers form Betahaus, Factory, Impact Hub Berlin, Roof Up coworking, Ahoy and many other spaces who are part of the whole ecosystem here in Berlin. To make the research broader we created a Coworkers Survey few weeks ago, that we sent over to more than 250 coworking spaces around the globe. From Parisoma in San Francisco to SUP46 in Stockholm, we asked people how they work in coworking spaces and why they do it. Amazingly there was not one universal answer in regard how do people network – Slack, Facebook, Yammer and other software were used as substitutes to something that people missed – a dedicated website that connects all coworking people to share knowledge, work opportunities and help.

Say hi to 🙂


By that time Dimitar introduced me to his friend Nikola(the third co-founder) who is an amazing software developer. We decided to embark on a startup adventure together to build a place for all coworkers around the world. No matter in which coworking space you are, from now on you will be able to connect to any other coworker out there who wants the same. We have started to carefully craft the website and we warmly invite you to join us in that journey of starting, coworking and long- lasting friendships. Let’s build something together that will benefit the 500,000 coworkers around the globe.

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Psst, there is still time to take our cCoworkers Survey



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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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