And so COWORKIES went to London


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London Journey, here we go !

We are on a coworking mission to connect coworking cities together and build COWORKIES. Remember, in February we went to Milan, where we met 5 coworking spaces (you can read more about it here, here, here, here and here).

Milan was our first exploration journey, we did not know what to expect. But the outcome was so great that we decided to continue and connect with another city in Europe. So for March, we selected LONDON.

Why London?

Well, if you look at the coworking map in Europe, London is VERY active. There is more than 150 coworking spaces there including big names such as WeWork.

London is also THE European city of Startups, we were very curious to dig into it and see it for ourselves and feel the vibe. We started to reach out to coworking spaces there while being in Berlin. Thanks to our

Coworking map

, we had quite a good overview of the different spaces there, which made our prospection way easier. We used all the communication channels we could to be able to get a coffee with coworking spaces owners:

  • Our close friends
  • Friends of friends
  • Coworking space owners here in Berlin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook and of course, emails

and guess what, it worked! We were able to plan 12 meetings in 2 days (#toughstuff). We wished we could have had 1 more day to meet all the spaces we could not see due to our tight timing, but we will be back 🙂

Where did we go?

These are the spaces we visited

  • At work Hubs
  • Tileyard
  • Launch22
  • Rainmaking Loft
  • Headspace Group
  • The Office Group
  • TechHub
  • Boostrap Dalston
  • The Greenhouse
  • Runway East
  • The Trampery Old street

So now, we have A LOT to tell you 🙂 Get ready for few London stories!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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