An interaction and creativity platform called ATÖLYE

The coworking space of today is one that we have known almost since the day we started COWORKIES. Our paths have crossed many times and in many ways over the last year. When we decided to go to Istanbul, we very naturally met again but this time (and for the first time) in the coworking space.

ATÖLYE multidisciplinary coworking Istanbul

The place we are talking about is called ATÖLYE. Started few years ago, they have put together an amazing space with a curated community, in a way we did not experienced before.

The look and feel

The coworking space is located in a renovated factory building with charming red bricks walls and high ceilings. ATÖLYE is not alone in there and shares the building with a very nice restaurant (we highly recommend the food there) as well as other creative companies.

We entered the coworking space like kids would enter a candy store, with big and wide-opened eyes. Everything around us was so appealing, the furniture, the ambiance, the people. We could not wait for our tour with Atilim to start.

He showed us first their makers lab where the members can use 3D printers, CNC machines or sewing machines to work on their projects. We met one of their members who was working on a pattern for a t-shirt workshop she was going to organize a few days after.

ATÖLYE multidisciplinary coworking Istanbul

Our tour continued trough the main entrance, which also transforms itself into the main event space. Most of the furniture there is designed and build by the team behind ATÖLYE, a community of architects, designers, and makers. You can even read about one of their projects on COWORKIES: the Liminal lamps, which we were glad to see “live” inside the space.

We then came to the central piece of the place: the coworking area. There, the atmosphere is calm but also busy, relaxing while making you feel productive. The interior design is using variety of materials like wood, concrete, bricks, lights and plants which also gives the place a simple and elegant touch. Around the central part, there are several meeting rooms and closed offices where members can work out of.

ATÖLYE multidisciplinary coworking Istanbul

The Community

Speaking about the members, we quickly understood they are the heart of the place. ATÖLYE has put a lot of thoughts and even research to build an amazing community. You can meet the members right at the entrance by checking their community wall and learn more about everyone around.

ATÖLYE multidisciplinary coworking Istanbul

Inside, you will meet a curated community of designers, technologists, social scientists and innovative startups who collaborate on interdisciplinary projects to create long-term value.

The special thing about it is that every discipline here has a quota to balance the representation of different perspectives as well as to maintain a unique chemistry. By curating their members, ATÖLYE wants to make sure none of the disciplines takes over the overall atmosphere. This exact type of curation is something quite unique that we did not experience before. One thing we also really love, mentioned by Atilim, was that every member needs to share his/her knowledge with the community by organizing small workshops or sessions on a topic he/she is specialized in. This is such a great way to emphasize the sharing experience between members.

We have to say that walking around ATÖLYE we really had the feeling to be inside a real Atelier where people create together. From the makers lab to the coworking environment, everything is there to enhance your creativity.

Atölye and Coworkies selfieWe ended up our selfie in the middle of the community area as a symbol of what ATÖLYE is all about: the people.

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