A wonderful end at NewCo Helsinki

On a late Friday afternoon, around 5, we were thrilled to be able to meet our very last and special space part of the COWORKIES summer tour: NewCo. We met Zheng, who nicely came back from a conference on the opposite side of the city to show us around and spend some time with us.


We have been telling you how Helsinki have truly amazed us. It has such a strong startup and coworking ecosystem in which all actors collaborate to make the city stronger! NewCo is actively part of that ecosystem. With the opening of their beautiful building, the initiative launched by the city of Helsinki (via EntrepriseHelsinki) comes to strengthen the startup spirit that floats around the city.


The role of NewCo is to facilitate the creation of new startups with international growth potential in Helsinki by connecting entrepreneurs, professional talent, and investors. To fulfill their role, NewCo has set up several “verticals” entrepreneurs can access depending on the stage of their idea:

– Everything about Establishing a business: if you want to register your company in Helsinki, apply for a Startup Grant, or learn more about how to start a business, NewCo is the place for you. You have access to a team of experts who can advise you on the different steps leading you from thinking about an idea to making it happen.
– If you are idea stage – you can attend free entrepreneurship courses and events that are covering different topics as well as join the Helsinki Growth Alliance, to turn your ideas into teams, companies and finally international growth.
– If you are an early stage – you can apply to NewCo in-house accelerator, which has been elected among Finland’s top 5 accelerator programs in 2015 and 2016 by Nordic Startup Awards. Accessing the incubator or NewCo means you will receive coworking, mentorship, networking, and access to seed funding.

NewCo is a great and diverse initiative. Every year, more than 4,000 potential entrepreneurs come to NewCo to get access to their advice and services. They offer a place to work, a place to make events at, a place to network and even a place to eat. The building is big and beautiful. There are several floors of offices, coworking area and even a garden (ideal for long Helsinki summer nights). As per the Finnish tradition, they also have a Sauna (<3) where people can start or end their day.


Have a look at the video here and hear the NewCo members testimonials 🙂

We were really impressed by a large amount of content produced inside the place. Zheng and her team have done a tremendous work on connecting the key stakeholders of Helsinki’s ecosystem to bring them together at NewCo. Additionally, NewCo is also well connected outside Finland. Companies working out of NewCo can rely on a very international network as well.

There is also a high level of collaboration happening in the city. NewCo is cooperating with Startup Sauna, Maria 0-1, Think Company and other participants to build together a much stronger startup ecosystem in Helsinki.

As we mentioned in the title, we could not expect a better closing for our trip to the Nordics. Zheng and NewCo initiatives are truly inspiring. As a governmental organization, it is a true example of how a city administration can foster the entrepreneurial initiative by its citizens! We left our meeting with her feeling super inspired to see and learn how Helsinki is leading the way in fostering young people.

As a grand finale, here is the closing selfie of the Nordics coworking tour for COWORKIES. Zheng, thank you so much for your time! It was amazing to meet you and see the groundbreaking work you and your team are doing for entrepreneurs!

NewCo Helsinki and Coworkies selfieThese 15 days have been an amazing discovery journey into the Nordics. We were able to really dig into the different ecosystems and take the time to understand how they work and how they interact with each other. As a closing note, a big thank you to all the coworking spaces and accelerators programs who received us so warmly! This journey would not have been as inspiring without you.

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