A disruptive space called Prototype

I usually don’t start a blog post with a conclusion, but today I will. Coworking is full of (incredible) surprises.

We ended our first day in Copenhagen visiting Anders at Prototype.


Even though we read about it beforehand, none of us were close to imagining what was about to happen. Don’t get me wrong, nothing bad happened. Only magic!

7.30pm, August 1st. Here we are at the doorstep of a small place, which from the outside looks like a cafe. Once in with Anders, we thought we would get a tour around Prototype. We actually did, but Anders gave us a tour of Prototype story, not a tour of the facility.

Because at the start, Prototype was not Prototype. It was a cozy cafe in Vesterbro that had to close down. The owner asked Jakob, one of the Founder of Prototype, if he wanted to take it over. Rather than keeping it a coffee place, Jakob gathered a community of people who decided to start Prototype. To me, Prototype is a place dedicated to people who have the power, the will or the idea to change things. The strength of Prototype lies in its community: a members-only group of 15 people who are tech passionate with different backgrounds: from tech experts to designers. From Hackers to experienced Business Developer. The beauty of Prototype is them. This community who owns a place where they can come anytime in the day or the night, the week or the weekend to disrupt anything. Every member has a key to the house and they are all free to use it as much as they want. Content-wise, Prototype is very strong. They are able to organize events on very different topics always linked to their core expertise.


The way I felt in Prototype was quite special. I realized the size of the space you have does not matter when you have the right community gravitating around it. Amazing ideas that were before started out of old garages are today starting out of spaces like Prototype. A place where ideas have no boundaries.

Everything I am writing about here is what came out of our chat with Anders. He spent some of his precious time to tell us more about what Prototype is and understanding where we want to go with COWORKIES. While there, we did not just learn about coworking. Anders told us more about the neighborhood of Vesterbro and how it is changing. He took us to THE MOST AMAZING pizza place (a full article will be dedicated to it soon) we have ever been to in our whoooole life (and I am not exaggerating) and to conclude with a “firework” he brought us to a Church that has been turned into a bar where people meet to play ping-pong. So yes, Prototype was a 360 experience to me into what Copenhagen has to offer.

Do you see now why I was concluding coworking is full of (incredible) surprises?

Ladies and Gentleman, meet our amazing host: Anders!

Prototype and Coworkies selfie

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