50 Loft Partners, supporting startups since 2012

Over the last few years, the Paris startup ecosystem has blossomed to become one of the most active in Europe! How did Paris become such a strong ecosystem in such a short span of time?

Through dynamic and active actors such as the space we are going to talk about today: 50 Loft Partners.

50 Loft Partners, the story.  

Let’s go back in time, precisely in 2012 when 50 Loft Partners began. Inspired from British incubators, 50 founders of successful French startups (Blablacar, Le Bon Coin, PriceMinister, etc) joined forces to create a space where they could select and support young and promising startups they believe in. Unlike the British incubators, 50 Loft Partners do not “impose” a length of stay to startups.

Their core focus?

Provide all the necessary tools for the selected teams to grow and scale their businesses. It actually starts right with the partners themselves who get involved financially and operationally. Each year, 5 to 7 startups get the opportunity to join one of the most comprehensive programs in town with the best engaged mentors.

What’s their secret?

50 Loft Partners brings together at their space the network their startups need to grow and scale. From dedicated mentors to VCs or even journalists, the 50 partners are committed to one thing:  making their startup succeed.


Some Key Facts about 50 Loft Partners

50 Partners – 90 desks – 2 spaces in Paris


A closer look at 50 Loft Partners

  • The interior design at 50 Loft Partners

Nestled in the center of Paris, the space itself is very unique! Formerly a rope factory, the 620 sqm are today dedicated to Entrepreneurs. Spread over 2 floors, it offers various desks and rooms for people to focus and do their work solo or in teams. Additionally, 50 Loft Partners also has an event space in which they organize weekly events from meetups to workshops on sales, marketing, SEO, fundraising and more.

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The name “Loft” reflects really well its overall look and feel: a bit industrious and a lot open and pretty! Lulled by natural light, it also has a blue floor that looks like a reflection of the sky. A lot of the past is still present in its overall look with, for instance, a marvelous wooden mezzanine overlooking the space.

  • What does the community looks like?

For Entrepreneurs and by Entrepreneurs could be their motto. At 50 Loft Partners, people are passionate about their products and committed to succeed.

Virginie, the community manager of the space focuses on making them connect through various weekly community events. Whereas they attend the community Breakfast or the famous Aperoft (a play of word between apero + loft), the purpose is first and foremost to create a strong bond between members that can lead to more collaboration and more innovation inside the space.

On top of their physical space, 50 Loft Partners also launched 50 Partners Le Club – an invite only club for startup Founders where they can connect with other founders and share best practices, knowledge and networking opportunities.

50 Loft Partners is also a member of Startup Exchanges, a worldwide network of global incubators. Members get access to the network and can travel from their incubator to another to learn more about the market while meeting local players.  

  • How can I discover more?

We love having 50 Loft Partners on Coworkies. Check out their page here and the job opportunities available inside the space right here.



Marine, who looked after the community during our time there! Today, Virginie, took over community events!

50 Loft Partners, Coworking, Coworkies, Incubateurs, Paris

Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. Formerly General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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