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Yesterday, I was teasing you about something awesome that happened to us and for which, I have to admit we did not communicate much.

But here I am, ready to tell you everything about it!

It all started around mid-June when Berlin Partner invited us to Viva Technology in Paris.

Viva Technology is the first international event dedicated to the growth of startups and the collaboration between large companies and startups. For 3 days, the conference brings together 5,000 startups with top investors and companies to grow businesses and shape the future.

As about COWORKIES, we got the opportunity to meet incredible people, awesome ideas and inspiring speakers. We took this conference as an opportunity for us to meet potential users, potential partners but also as an experience where we can meet the future of technology and try new things.

About our booth (#F41) 

We had a cute little booth located in the Berlin corner. There, people could get a glimpse of what COWORKIES is, chat with us and get to know our story.



We had a poster where people could say if they support COWORKIES or not. Guess what? We collected only YES signups :))) We were delighted to meet many people with different backgrounds. We welcomed the Senator of Berlin, the CEO of Berlin Partners but also, Eva, Michael, Pierre, Melanie, Noe, Amina, Damien, Juliette, Kevin. Chris, Nicolas, Kaze, Guillaume and Marthe.


What we experienced

Many,Many cool things!

1/ The conferences:

The first 2 days, many talks/workshops were happening on very different topics. The one I particularly loved was about “How digital can foster women’s empowerment” with Alice Zagury, CEO, The Family / Stéphanie Wismer Cassin, Founder, Biilink / Florence Trouche, Sales Manager, Facebook / Kenza Lalhou, Founder, StartupYourLife Morocco. It was very inspiring to hear women with very different backgrounds discuss the women entrepreneurs challenges.


2/ Some exclusive stuff

You saw the very first picture on top of this blog-post: the Google Car! It was the first time ever in Europe where the car was displayed. It even had the pleasure to meet the French President! Check it out:


3/ Some fun stuff

We were able to play, touch and see many cool new technologies. I loved this LED wall, where you can unleash your creativity and play with it. Guess what I wrote? (easy guess, I know)

What we got out of Viva Technology

We were able to meet Remix Coworking, a big Parisian coworking space, which has 3 locations in the city and which had a big stand at Viva Technology! We met Julia, the General Manager of Remix there and had a great conversation about the coworking scene in Paris!

We were thrilled to see Vitra, the beautiful office furniture brand we love. Everyone had the chance to try the nicest chairs and desks for wok! They participated with their, exclusively made for open work environments collection. From adjustable desks, to work chairs to “relaxed” furniture; everyone at the conference was able to experience their new products.

I made it to French TV and French radio, which was pretty amazing. You can see me (speaking French) right here.

And you can listen to my interview on Wedobizz radio right here too:

And most importantly, we met YOU dear COWORKIES. Yes you, the people who nicely took the time to visit our stand, understand what we do, why we do it and who even gave us valuable feedback and questions to think about when building the platform. We loved it! Thank you very much also to Berlin Partner, without you, we would not have been there!

Before ending the article, let me tell you about the way back to Berlin! We were supposed to take a flight BUT our reservation was not taken into account SO we had to find another solution to go back home. We ended up taking a Russian night train which was traveling from Paris to Moscow with a stop in Berlin. We had an AMAZING way back, in a very cosy and brand new cabin! Souvenir of the very nice lady who took good care of us during the whole trip. No French, no English only Russian BUT we managed!


Paris, you have been amazing to us! We can’t wait to be back 🙂

Allez, aurevoir!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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