How HUB13 helps startups to grow?

“What are the 4 things you need when you have a startup?” This might seem like a simple question, now join us below to find some answers.


1/ Startups need a place where they can settle, grow and build their company’s DNA and culture.

2/ Startups need connections. Whether they need advice on how and where to set up a company, or how to generate revenue, a startup needs an ecosystem it can rely on, to scale.

3/ Startups need investors to exist. Bootstrapping can’t be forever. At some point, startups need investment to reach new milestones and push for their idea / product to exist and sustain.
4/ Startups need users. They all have a target market in mind which gives them the fuel to move forward. Users are the end goal of any startup as, as soon as you have traction, investors will be more eager to hear your story and potentially invest.


COWORKIES found, in Helsinki, a place, HUB13, that focuses on what startups need. We met Alexandra, the Head of Marketing, who shared some interesting insights, we are now happy to share too. Started in 2014 and located right in the center of Helsinki, it has expanded on 2 floors since its creation. The essence of the space is to provide the right  ecosystem combining startups, medium, large size companies as well as institutions to let them collaborate, build and innovate together.

That entrepreneurial ecosystem lies in 3 key points HUB13 has brought up:
1/ a large network of people: becoming a member at HUB13 means you will have access to the right network of professionals who can help you along your startup journey: lawyers, corporates, consultants, mentors, innovative startup technologies are here to assist you while finding the right answers to key questions you might encounter.
2/ inspiring workspace: the facility at HUB13 combines severals light and bright meeting rooms, 2 coworking areas (for the fix and for flex desks), a cozy kitchen and a beautiful and round events space which is located at the center of the room.


3/ meaningful happenings: Content is key and HUB13 knows it. They pulled together a large series of events that are relevant for their community: Marketing meetups, Hackathons, Bootcamp, Office Hours and Community Events are just a few examples of what Alexandra and her team organize there. HUB13 also owns an accelerator which focuses on the growth side of startups.

A small coworking Finnish jewel is how I would describe and see HUB13. Seeing how they developed and how much effort is put on the content each day shows the dedication and passion the team has for its members. It was great for COWORKIES to experience such a place and get to meet the community.

Our visit obviously ended up with a pretty cool selfie 🙂
Thanks to Alexandra and the team for their time!

HUB13 and Coworkies selfieFor those of you who will not have the chance to visit HUB13, we got you covered with this virtual tour of the place:

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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