Finding peace and inspiration at Winkley Studios & Cooks Yard

Pushing the door of a coworking space we have never visited before is always exciting. We wonder how it will look like in real-life (most of the time, we only see pictures), how are the members using the space to work and network or even what kind of story will we hear.

We found out about Winkley Studios and Cooks Yard while doing some research online. When we arrived in the street where Winkley Studios is located, we were surprised to find such a calm and quiet place in the vibrant city that London is. We went there to meet Carla, who supports the community. We sat down with her and spoke about the story behind both spaces.

Winkley Studios & Cooks Yard Coworking London

The beginnings.

It began a few years back when Leo, the Founder, started to find it tough to work from home on her kitchen table. She decided to explore options and start a space of her own. She found, in East London, a real gem that later became Winkley Studios. Located in Bethnal Green, the coworking space is surrounded by good looking old London architecture in a buzzing artistic community.

Leo and everyone who got involved in building the place has done a fantastic job in creating a peaceful atmosphere. The interior is bright and clean with white walls, old wooden floor, and custom-made desks that have a light touch of yellow. The place is of good size in the sense that members have enough space for themselves and can also use the communal areas to mingle with others. Outside, you can enjoy the sun on a cute balcony. The overall atmosphere is mellow, making you feel just like home. Have a look at it too by watching this short presentation of both spaces.

The opening of Cooks Yard.

In 2015, after the success of Winkley Studios, Leo looked for another location where she would be able to repeat the model of the first one. She found her second treasure, in the backyard of a Chinese restaurant named Cooks Yard. We visited Cooks Yard the day that followed our visit to Winkley Studios.

Winkley Studios & Cooks Yard Coworking London

It was early morning, Carla and us, were the only one around. The atmosphere floating inside is similar to Winkley Studios, a bright and light environment with light touches of vintage decor. Cooks Yard, differently from Winkley Studios, has two rooms: one dedicated to fixed desks and the second one is for hotdesking.

A friendly Community.

The community is similar to both spaces environment: friendly. The overall community is about 30 to 40 people who all have different backgrounds: designers, coders, small companies, photographers, consultants, musicians and more. The mixture of such diverse profiles gives to each space a warm and peaceful feeling.

When we left Carla after our second meeting, we felt relaxed. The coziness, the brightness, the warmth of the space did so well on us! We did not leave each space without our usual tradition. We are pleased to share not one but two selfies we made with Carla 🙂

Winkley Studios and Cooks Yard Coworking London And Coworkies
With Carla at Winkley Studios
Winkley Studios and Cooks Yard Coworking London And Coworkies
With Carla at Winkley Studios

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