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So, it was time for me (Dimitar) to head East and visit some coworking spaces in Sofia. For a while now Eastern Europe is boiling with tech and design talent and the emergence of coworking spaces there is just a natural extension for the needs of the startup community. Sofia has been a hotbed for new and tech businesses and the coworking movement there was spearheaded by the well know betahaus Sofia, which is a sister space of the Berlin one, started by Alex and crew back in 2011.

The place is now a boiling pot of startups, freelancers and social entrepreneurs. The coworking space houses a plethora of companies ranging from the messaging app Viber to few gaming companies to officeRnD, who are developing one of the coolest coworking management software on the market at the moment.


As most things with COWORKIES the meeting with betahaus | Sofia happened super spontaneous. Even that we were keeping in contact with them, one day we just received an intro email from a friend, another Dimitar, who was visiting Sofia for the Digitalk conference, where he meet Metodi the COO of betahaus | Sofia. Few emails later we had a meeting set up. On the day, we met at the open coffee area. Luckily Metodi is a coffee fan and shared the latest news on the cool coffee brands that are emerging in Sofia. So armed with a delicious dose of caffeine we started a tour around the space.


From the get go we should mention that betahaus | Sofia has a huge building. The team have steadily grown it floor by floor, until they filled in the whole building with vibrant people and projects.

We started the tour with the outside area where people can work and meet with clients. I spotted Miro from officeRND there and stopped to say a quick hi before we continued the tour inside. As the ground floor is reserved for the coffee area we quickly jumped up the stairs to explore the coworking space itself. While going up one can’t miss the quite impressive “startup wall” with all companies that reside inside. In the next 10-15 minutes we quickly skipped through the floors to experience the working areas. betahaus | Sofia is a cool labyrinth of  open working areas, private offices, meeting rooms, huge event space and chill spots.


After the tour we had the time to sit down and go over the growth of coworking and its facilitation of the local startup community. betahaus is known in Sofia as a prime location for startup related events, so make sure to check their calendar if you are in town or need a work-space that offers a lot of networking opportunities.


The time flew by and I had to jump to the next meeting but not before we took a quick selfie! Thanks Metodi, Alex and Elizabeth for making this meeting happen and see you soon on

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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